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Yup… I’ve succumbed to the “what’s out there” fad. Using Superior’s Variegated Gold metallic thread. Hobb’s cotton/poly batting. Back to it…. Advertisements

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50s Vintage Cloth continued………..

You may remember this from here. Since this is being used in a talk I’m giving on Vintage FMQ, I’ll be leaving part of the cloth unstitched to show how fmq changes, and gives ‘life’, to these pieces.    This … Continue reading

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50s Cloth….continued……..

This piece was sandwiched a while back in anticipation of stitching on it for my demo last Friday at the Killer Bees’ quilt show. Well, as often happens, my thoughts changed and this cloth has now found its way to … Continue reading

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That’s what I’ve been doing…..so much fun!! As I have mentioned, I have a quilt challenge coming up, due in May. The idea is pretty firmed up (in my head!!!!) but the execution is………well, more firmed up than it was … Continue reading

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Pin basting………

For years, I thought that if I needed to get the 3 layers (backing, batting and top) of my quilt basted together it would either require a church basement with large tables and a couple of friends to help, or, … Continue reading

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