An unexpected trek……….

To St. Paul gave DH and I a wonderful opportunity to discover a fab new eatery (What???? You say we really didn’t “need” another……?? I beg to differ, if I may!). The location is in the picturesque town of Cannon Falls(MN), just south of St. Paul, traveling on Hwy 52. “Nick’s Downtown Diner” harkens back to the days of soda fountains, poodle skirts and old-fashion malts. Located a 1/2 block off the town’s main street, this slip of a place almost escaped our sights! 013   Doesn’t this front just beckon you????? Well, if it doesn’t, maybe this will……..012   Reading the sign, do you see a quality trend here??? Homemade, fresh, hand crafted, old-fashioned………..Yup, our kind of place! Let’s go inside……..


Black/white checkered flooring and tin ceiling…….love…..


Some reeeeeely old signs on those walls…..gas: 22.9…Wow!!!!!

And the day’s specials…….major yum…….001   Well, just sayin’, if you weren’t ready to eat something before you entered, reading this would get you thinking!!!! We opted for the fish special…good choice!002    I was just saying to DH that all I see on Fb and the blogs is food these days!!!!!!!!!   Sorry………………….007

A last interior ‘shot’ and we’re done. Such a bright spot on a very dreary, overcast Friday!

So, if you’re ever in the area and are in “need” of some real food, check out Nick’s in Cannon Falls……I don’t think you will be disappointed!

OK, now back to quilting……………………………………

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A Touch of the Season…………

Has appeared in our little farm home….finally!







And my fave is the night-time view of the bay window…….004


Now, I really must organize and wrap all the treasures that are now residing in a secluded corner of my studio.

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…………”

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TBT…..but only 2 days!!!……..

Yes, I’m only going back 2 days and taking you to Jenny at “Sew Kind of Wonderful”. Her post title for the day was “Tuesday Tips-Adding Borders” and this info really canNOT be stressed/followed too much! As one who has the exciting opportunity to finish up many sweet quilt tops for clients/friends who have put all their hearts into the creation, it’s a shame to encounter borders whose measurements result in “ocean-sized” waves! So unnecessary if one follows the directions Ms Jenny provides. So, in the interest of a PSA (Public Service Announcement), I ask that you pop over to her blog for a bit. Thank you……………………

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An Orphan No More………

After I finished up with the red & white quilts (here), I had 1 poor little block that didn’t have a ‘home’……but, now, you can see this……008                 A pleasant addition to our seasonal “home dec”!!!

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Holiday Mantel/ Diy: Cranberry Candles


Sit back and enjoy the simplicity of these seasonal brighteners and pop over to Kellie’s place for more inspiration!!!!!!!

Originally posted on LE ZOE MUSINGS:

Although I would consider myself a tad bit craftier than the general population, I am no Martha Stewart. I would say that the things I create are fairly simple and very easy to replicate; that’s the end goal. Most of the time, I get ideas from what I see around the web. Creativity should be contagious and it can’t spread from one person to the next unless it’s inspiring and easy.

This past weekend, I worked on a mini decor project with Zoey. We transformed our mantel into a holiday masterpiece.  The main centerpiece was a collection of cranberry candles which we made in three easy steps. This project is extremely quick which is so perfect for the those who lack time or just plain ol’ lazy.

diy cranberry candles by le zoe musings 4

Can you imagine how holiday dinner affairs would be with these cranberry candles all lit up? Just glowy and heartwarming.

diy cranberry candles by le zoe musings 2

Below is our…

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As promised…………

Here is another idea for Holiday gift giving. Around our house I spend my days in my sewing/quilting studio and DH takes over his area making fabulous wines. The varieties seem endless but our faves are cherry, cranberry, apple, rhubarb, peach, beet (yes, I said ‘beet’!) and various combos of the above!!! Quilting and wine…..a marvelous pairing!!! So, when it comes to giving we each are able to put in our part……….thus we are into wine totes of different styles…………..

008 009

010 Once I started, they somehow managed to multiply! Really quite a fun project! 015

The pattern I used may be found here. It seems to fit several styles of bottles well and can be made with the “cut-out” handle or with the ties (my modification).

The other idea I needed a fabric solution for was the gift cards I had purchased, so I merely made fabric “envelopes”……..didn’t really put a closure on them other than the flap (which I ironed down well to give a crease but could have the crease stitched close to the edge). Just 2 fabric pieces, right sides together, stitched, turned and edges topstitched ……….very simple!!!!!!011

The next few days will see very little of me at the machines……….more at the piano!

Til next time………Thank you so very much for taking your precious moments to stop by for a visit…..I truly cherish your friendship and consider myself very blessed!

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Seasonal Fabric Fun………

Looking for something to do with those winter/Christmas themed fabrics?? (Just adding another idea to the already overwhelming numbers ‘out there’!) How about a little fabric basket? So simple……..starts out flat……001 002 006

Or, something a little less “this season”………003 004014

The top/smaller version is approx. 4” sq. with 2” tall sides. The handle is approx. 9”. There’s 1 layer of batting for a little firmness. The larger version is 9” sq. with 2-1/2” tall sides. The center/bottom has 1 layer of 80/20 batting and 1 layer of InsulBrite (just in case something a bit warm was placed on/in it). The top fabric is layered with the lining (plus batting[s]) right sides together and stitched—-leaving 2 openings to insert the handle ends later. I left 1 of the openings a bit larger for easier turning. Press. Insert finished handle ends and top-stitch near the edge, closing the openings and securing the handle. There’s no handwork if stitched close enough!  Both handles have 1 layer of the 80/20 in them. The desired finished size can be anything you would want, although going too large might make it a bit floppy w/o the addition of something firmer in the bottom portion. The larger basket will be used for dinner rolls……..perfect. The ribbons (4 pieces cut the size of the flattened item PLUS 14” (total—7” each end extra) for tying at the corners. They are merely top-stitched in place. The smaller handle is 1” wide (finished) and the larger is 1-1/2” (finished). Easy and fun gift. The larger one would work nicely for a Christmas card basket if done in appropriate fabrics.

Tomorrow…..another gift idea I’ve been working on. Til then……..happy sewing…………….

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In the spirit of the season, I give you…..the “Messiah”……


Follow this link…….

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Another party!!!!!…………

As I promised, here is a photo recap of the Christmas luncheon I attended last Monday held in Spring Grove (MN). This guild is quite a bit larger (approx. 45 gals) and there was a good attendance in spite of the overnight drizzle/rain putting an ice glaze on the roads. The road crews in this area are awesome (you really have to see some of the “switch-back” ridge roads to appreciate the work they do!!!)!

The event began with a time of snacks and goodies in a wonderfully decorated setting. I was privileged to provide the Christmas background music at the piano. (Warning: photo heavy post to follow!!!!!)036At the door…registering for drawings. 031The “door prizes”.

033My corner.

038  The decoration committee out-did themselves!!!!! (but, then everyone did, really!!!!)  Ready to begin………..039

The gift exchange followed the lunch… photos of the (mild) chaos!!!!! Bring on a little sharing time……….043   There really must be at least one gift with a “Frozen” theme, yes??????  045047Sorry for the blur…..some of these gals are in hyper-speed!  051052Linda has made so many of these runners using the “Squedge” ruler!!!! 056   Pam made several coiled/wrapped baskets and hot pads to match……, of course.  057  And a wall-hanging version of the quilt she shared at our October meeting.

Another wonderful finish for the year. Several days of meetings followed this one (no quilting, though!!!!! Yup, really!!!!).  Lots of secret sewing and quilting going on in my little studio. Sneak peaks soon………………………

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Playing “catch-up”………..

The week has flown by with some type of event most every day, beginning with last Sunday (but, it is the season, is it not??). The smaller, local quilt group came together in Houston (MN) for their Christmas gathering. Yummy holiday foods and a gift exchange with……yes, sharing time!!! No food photos….I figure there are enough of those ‘out there’ already, hmmmm???? But, here are some quick ‘shots’ of the wonderful handmade gifts………..001  Carol was first to dig in and she really had a time!!! C’mon, Carol, we see that wine bottle!!!!! 003   Included were a couple of holiday wine glasses…….she’s definitely set!!!!!

005  Anita got the most darling woolen purse from Kathy (to her right).007   Lynda’s runner was hand quilted and beautifully appliqued by Margaret,008who is in this photo with her gift from Carol.010Marilyn is ready for warmer temps with this one!!!!!015

And Kathy got this perfect little scarf from Lynda….”her” colors, even!

016      Joan got the table topper that I had made.017Ann got this adorable Santa pillow.012Table toppers seem to ‘rule’ this year, as Gwen unwrapped one, also!

028   I received a topper, also, but am using it as a pad on a deacon’s bench in my living room (above with my red/white pinwheel quilt)……perfect!!!!  

And now, a few sharing photos……….

018I had quilted this one that Kathy had made for her granddaughter for a Christmas gift this year. 021

022A sweet apron for Anita’s grand and she had made a matching one for her fave doll.

And that’s a ‘wrap’ for the first party. I do hope you will stop by again to see how my (last) Monday was spent. Til then………………………………

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