It’s Two-sday……….

Yup, that’s right, ‘cuz the 2nd red/white piecing is well underway. It has the “Friendship Star” but could be called “Whirligig” because of the added blade extensions, hmmmmmm?


Lots of rotary cutting and sewing goin’ on. This is version #4 of the “Disappearing Pinwheel” shown on this Missouri Star Quilt Company site. Compare this version with the one here. Here’s a quick photo of version #3………….. 022

Stay tuned for ongoing developments………………..

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Late Day Design Wall Monday……………

Disappearing Pinwheel progress continues. It is a “Friendship Star” with “Illinois Road” as the secondary pattern.  From this:021

To this: 022

There will be a narrow white border and a wider (3”?) red one. The measurements, as of now, are 45”x 57”. This is variation #3. Stay tuned for #4….will start that one tomorrow. It will,also, be a “Friendship Star” with “Whirligig” as the secondary. The borders will be the same.

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Design Wall (of a different kind!) Monday……..

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Because it’s September and my friend Leah needs a door banner that’s appropriate…………005

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Wordless Wednesday…………..


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Last night………..

My smaller, local, quilt group met. A wonderful supper with an evening of visiting and sharing followed…sigh. During the summer/more weather-agreeable months, we meet in the homes of those members whose home are located in the very rural, hilly areas (read “treacherous” in the winter!!!), so last eve was at Ginny’s lovely country home. She shared the wonderful shopping totes that have come off her machine…………….009   Beautifully stitched and with a very firm/rigid  piece inserted at the bottom for a nice shaping. Marilyn shared a wonderful pillow addition to her bedroom (which is still very new as she and hubby sold their large B&B, late last winter, and moved to more cozy quarters)…………004 

In the post found here, I made reference to a workshop I had done prior to that meeting. One of the attendees was JoAnn and she brought/shared the work sample that each of the 8 gals worked on…….and I mean worked ….…………..006  This was 1 of 2 pieces that she worked on that day, after the hour we spent working with pencil & paper only!!!  All the gals deserved an A++ for all that they accomplished!!!!

Another thing that was shared in that post was the lottery block for this time. “Sunbonnet Sue” and “Overall Sam”. Friend, Carol (also belonging to both groups with me), is very much the bow hunter (turkey and deer!!!) and hubby is along, also. Here is her ‘take’ on these two blocks………..001  Please take note…….all the while “Sunbonnet Sue”, a.k.a. Carol, is stalking her prey (note the turkey feather in her bonnet!) her mind is planning the next quilting project (evidenced by the fabric chosen for the bonnet)……and that is exactly how Carol hunts…….focused on that next “critter” to come her way but planning the next project as soon as she gets home!! She, also, finished a Connecting Threads kit that had been recently purchased (on discount!!!)…….002  She quilted it herself doing a large wavy echo. Way to go, Carol!!!!!! She had come across some hexie flowers (someone else had put together….not paper pieced!) and wanted to do something with them……a small table topper….perfect. She joined them with teeny tiny diamonds which was a bit of a challenge as the hexies varied in size slightly and presented a bit of a challenge when getting all to come together neat and flat……….003

And that concludes this post. Today’s foray to Sparta for the “well-machine” visit for Ms Sweetie was completed and, now, back to my red/white beauty (see here).

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(Almost) Design Wall………..


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(Mini) Road Trip……………….

To Cresco, IA, and Quilter’s Garden, owned by friend Kati Mast. Earlier this summer she had moved her shop down a couple doors into a bright spacious new space. Gorgeous!!!!! I hadn’t been able to “get my act together” and make the 50 mile trek to see her new ‘digs’, so when friend, JoAnn, called and wondered if I would like to take a jaunt with her……well…….could I refuse???? No! Summer is fast ending and JoAnn will be ending her teacher’s summer “vacation” so, off we headed. Kati was not in her shop that day but Michelle greeted us and showed us around. Following is a photo tour of the 2 (yes, 2!) floors of this fab spot!!!!!!019

Not even an official sign yet!!!!



Everywhere you look…….ideas…..ideas……….016


Oh….there’s Michelle! Can we all say “Hi! Michelle!!”



The 2nd floor gave a ‘hint’ of what is to come, season wise, or. if one wanted to get the “Christmas in July” thing going, fabrics, patterns and ideas were everywhere!!!008007018


006  The above 3 photos are of the wonderfully cheerful quiet-place and teaching/classroom area on the 2nd floor.

012 013 

The “back room” has many mark-down bolts and longarm machine, for the custom quilting Kati is always busy with.

That concludes the tour. I will have to say, I “escaped” with only a quilting thread purchase (needed, of course!)………this time!!!!!! Missed you, Kati!!!!

Til next time………..may your bobbins always be full………..

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A “Finish”!…………………

Don’tcha just love that word???? Yup, I finished Leah’s quilt (peeked at here). It’s washed, dried and all crinkly cozy! Warning….warning…..tons of photos to follow…….. 036

035 034

030 029



The backing needed to be pieced. I had ordered the large floral, bright red/pink, and hydrangea prints from my friend, Annie, whose shop (The Bakery Fabrics) is in Belle Fourche, SD. She had posted them on the Fb page and, of course, I just had to order them!!??!!!! There was an additional piece… the line, but didn’t quite “fit” for use on the front piecing, so on the back it went along with my stash finds~~~perfect!!!!!!037



And, finally, a full shot of the quilt front…………………………….


The piecing pattern was made-up simple!!! I just figured how wide I wanted the finish (approx. 55”) and the individual strips were to be 3” wide (finished) by 18” long. The difference (37”) would be the length of the green background piece. Note: this could be done with jelly roll strips. The strip width and length is up to you and your desired pattern! So, I sewed the focus fabric strip ends to the green background strip ends to form a “donut”/circle. I did this for each strip of focus fabric. I, then, decided where I wanted to cut the green/background strip to give me either a centered color strip or offset (depending on how off center of the green strip I cut it.). There’s no figuring how long the green strip on the left or right needs to be cuz the total equals the same for all. If this is too confusing, let me know and I will try for a diagram. The floral “windows” I just inserted where I wanted them as I sewing the strips together.

The backing is pieced and straight……easily done with Sharon Schamber’s method of basting the layers together. If you are unfamiliar with this method, wander over to her YouTube tutorial and have a peak….I’ll wait………… It’s the only way I layer and the grain-lines are “spot on” with each other and allow for the pieced backing to be straight, also.

The fabrics purchased from Annie were “Sausalito Cottage” by Holly Holderman for Lakehouse Dry The green background is from Connecting Threads and is “Sapling” from their Mirage line of Quilters’ Basics. The small floral (strips) is “Cho-Cho no Sanpomichi” by Kumiko Sudo for In The Beginning Fabrics (2007). The batting is Hobbs 80/20 (cotton/poly).


The threads I used are: Sulky Viscose rayon (on right), 40 wt, color #1047. Love the shine!!!!!! For the trapunto effect in the large floral block inserts, I outline stitched the flowers with Wonderfil Invisafil, 100 wt, color #727. In the bobbin, once again, it was Connecting Threads Essential Pro poly, 70 wt.

Next time, a fun trip to another friend’s quilt shop a bit closer to home! Til then, take care, my friends, and may the Lord smile upon you………………………………….

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It’s “That” Monday…again………..

When my larger quilt group meets and shares inspiration. I did a workshop in the morning on fmq (free motion quilting) that had the gals workin’ up a froth, uh, sweat, uh…….we had a great time!!! Couldn’t repeat enough times: “practice….practice…..practice” and “don’t forget to breathe!”. But…….no photos!!!! Sorry!!!

Anyhow, here is the photo recap of the share time………….photo 1 (5)photo 2 (4)photo 1   The gal in the photo, above right, received the embroidered piece as a gift. She is a Master Gardener and the caption below the tree says “Hoe, hoe, hoe”.

photo 2

photo 3 (1)What does one do with all those little left-over triangle/squares????

photo 4 (2) photo 5 (1) 

The above piece is a beautiful reverse applique (done by a local Hmong?) that was gotten at the Goodwill for a little more than $3.50!!!!!! Impeccable workmanship!!!!!!

photo 3 (3)

photo 3 (4)

photo 4 (3)

photo 5  An absolutely darling baby quilt made by Lavora (90+ yrs old!) for her due-any-moment 17th great grandchild!!!!!!! Oh to have her energy NOW, much less than when I am her age(???)!!!!!

photo 1 (2) photo 2 (1)

photo 1 (3)   photo 2 (2) “Lottery blocks” for this time around. We are to make one of each and for each block made we get a “chance” to have our name drawn for all the blocks made. Then, the ‘winner’ decides the next block pattern.

photo 2 (3)        An exquisite appliqued quilt with heavily stippled background to make the motifs “pop”. Way to go, Faye!!   photo 5 (3)  photo 1 (4) A quilted little hanging with a beautifully hooked rug to match!!!!!! Some people are such “over-achievers”!!!!! And another hooked rug by Faye……photo 4 (4)

Some thread painting…………………….photo 3photo 4 done by Judy who took a class.

photo 4 (1)  Clever use of border prints……”slice and dice” style!!!!!

I guess that about wraps it up for another great meeting and sharing time. Til next time…….keep on sewing…………..

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Where Creativity Lurks


In our production valued world, there is a danger of our focus becoming somewhat “jaded” as we scroll through all the photos that are available of the beautiful creations put before us on the many blogs. Take a moment and ask yourself why you started this adventure…….was it the joy to be had in the journey or because the “finish” was needed. For me, the journey/need to express myself is my reason for creating my textile pieces of art. The same holds true for those who create with words or any other form of expression. It is this heart expression that drives the artist/creator.

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world wide web

a picture of the connections of the World Wide Web, from here

We scan through page after page of blogs, fingers working the mouse, images flying by until one catches our eye.  Pinned! Now to Instagram, to Flickr, pictures and posts whizzing past —  double tap, double tap, scroll, scroll — everything at breakneck speed with us jotting a word here or there to add the chorus of wonderfuls.

Is this creativity in the universe of 500 followers? (This calls for a giveaway) 100 comments on a post (how can you read all of this?) Where you aren’t a success until you have the traffic to drive 2,000 other quilters’ eyeballs to your site, to buy your patterns, to buy your books.  Where we all strive to keep up with the intense and overwhelming pace of production out there in the world.

mountains_cloudsArctic mountaintops, from here

Austin Kleon has…

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