When you have “geese”, you MUST have……….

FEATHERS!!!! Yup! And not just ordinary feathers…..glittery, gold, sparkly feathers! (To catch up on this little story, check out this post) So, using my absolute “fave” metallic (Superior Variegated Gold Metallic, #025), Ms. Sweetie and I began the transformation…….IMG_1045IMG_1055IMG_1054     It quickly went from this:IMG_1046to this:IMG_1052    Warning……photo-heavy posting ahead………..IMG_1061IMG_1068The morning light adds a neat warm glow! A back view, with those leftover pieces…………………………………….IMG_1069 LOVE those feathers!!! IMG_1062

Thread: (top) Superior Variegated Gold Metallic,#025, (bobbin) Connecting Threads Essential Pro poly, 70wt. Batting: Hobbs Heirloom, cotton/poly, bleached (single layer).

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Geese are flying……………

And not just outside my window! IMG_1039Yup, another digression. While at a quilt event a week ago (see here),IMG_0675 I picked up another book and kit……just what this quilter needed! My good friend, Kati, was vending right next to me….her shop is “Quilters Garden” and has the most wonderful quilty items…..IMG_0678Right? Well, here’s the book: IMG_1040 The fabric that’s featured in all the patterns is “Once Upon a Memory” by Holly Taylor for Moda and here’s the kit/first project…..IMG_1041 The topper finishes 14.5”x 42” and the directions are very complete! IMG_0674A sampling of the kit fabrics and block #1…..IMG_1042Paisleys always get my attention!!! and the completed piecing/top…….IMG_1043One last close-up….IMG_1044I have a few HST (Half square triangles) leftover…..perfect for an interesting backing!!

On to the really fun………I bet you can guess what that would be…..a “finish” coming soon………………..

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Everyone knows that quilters……………….

Are not able to have just one project in the works at any given time! Right?? To support this fact, I made a quick trek to a sweet quilt shop, “Just Stitch It”, on the edge of the nearby town of Caledonia, MN, to pick up some “needed” fabric for my next Dream Big panel……..well, the “next” one after the one I’m working on at the moment and demo-ing at the upcoming Festival of Quilts event. I was able to pick up just the perfect additions…..IMG_1003 The ivory “Dream Big” panel is lower right, the backing is lower left, the bold floral will be the outer/wide border and the pink & pale green will be narrow inner borders………and, you ask, what about that dark green??!! Well, let me show you how the panel will be cut up (yes! CUT UP)…….IMG_1002That dark green will do nicely for the dark fabric that’s used in the pattern photo.

You see, while we were in Montana, we visited the “Deer Country Quilts” shop in Seeley Lake. They had done a workshop using the ‘Nova Star’ pattern and the Dream Big panel (along with a gradated color panel). Here are some examples of that workshop……Dream Big Nova Star 1Dream Big Nova Star 2Dream Big Nova Star 3        So, I just knew I had to do this!!!IMG_1002 As I stated, previously, one planned project is never enough! Stay tuned………

Have an awesome weekend!! Hugs……..

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Another “Beginning”……….

“Dream Big”….Take #2, but this one will be stitched on my domestic/Juki 2010Q. LUV this machine!! Perfect FMQ (free motion quilting)! I’m using Glide thread, 60wt, for my top thread in gray (“Sterling”)……IMG_0999It appears to be a good blend/accent across all the colors.IMG_0991IMG_0990This panel will have a lot of “thread painting” effects……..progressing…….IMG_0992IMG_0995IMG_0998IMG_0997The backing is bleached (good quality) muslin and, yes, I’m using a gray Connecting Threads Essential Pro poly (70wt) in the bobbin. Using the same color thread in both top and bobbin will intensify the color (when viewed from the top) and take away the necessity to perfectly balance the tension…….although, these stitches are perfect!! Yay!

Batting is Hobbs Heirloom cotton/poly….1 layer. The Dream Big panel is “Aurora” by Hoffman Fabrics.

Note: click on any photo to enlarge.

I will be stitching “live” on this panel at the yearly event “Festival of Quilts”, held in Spring Grove, Minnesota, Friday, October 12th & Saturday, October 13th. IMG_1000 If you’re in the neighborhood, it’s really a very good event and beautiful venue.

Now, I think I’ll go stitch! Back soon………..

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Okay…….A Friday Finish!!………..

IMG_0989After a trek to LaCrosse Hobby Lobby, I was able to cover the buttons needed to complete this ‘swag’ border/binding treatment. I cut 4 bias fabric pieces (one for each side) that were 10” wide and the length of the side plus a couple inches. I folded each in half (wrong sides together) with a strip of poly batting running the length (maybe about 4”- 5” wide) and stitched the length, forming a tube. I applied this to the wrong side of the quilt sandwich, stitched, and flipped it to the front (covering the raw edges). At the corners, I folded the edges of one piece to the inside of the tube and inserted the other side’s tube inside. I hand gathered the corners and the points at which the buttons would be attached. Really, quite straight forward! I like it! IMG_0987 To back-track on this project, follow the previous links beginning with my last post here. 

Thread: (top) Superior Variegated Gold metallic, #025; (bobbin) Connecting Threads Essential Pro poly, 70wt (I use this on all my bobbin on all my machines!) Batting: Hobbs Heirloom, cotton/poly, 80/20 (single layer). 1 Dream Big panel by Hoffman in the “Onyx” colorway.

The weekend is upon us. Our today is going to be spent helping our GD move. At least there’s an elevator at the second apartment! Keeping the ibuprofen handy….LOL! Have an awesome weekend……hugs……..

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Closing in on the (Dream Big) finish line…………

To back up on this process, check out this link. This project is at this point right now…….the “frame” is attached…..IMG_0977The shadow-box/swag effect was done to pull the panel’s colors to better coordinate with our livingroom decor (where it will find its future home). IMG_0983A quick trip to the fabric store tomorrow will yield the needed buttons that will be covered in a gold/yellow fabric…..here’s a sample….IMG_0974and here….IMG_0985These will finish the ‘look’ quite nicely, I think. Tomorrow, hopefully, you will see the completion!

Thanks for stopping by……I love your visits! Hugs………

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Still catching up……….

We’re home and DH can tick another “Bucket List” item off…..Image may contain: Doreen Auger, smiling, standing and outdoor I know I should have gotten his picture rather than the reverse, but……..”Old Faithful”/Yellowstone Nat’l Park was pretty cool!

Next, was the barn quilt project which is in the “done” category……..IMG_0961Now, I’ve managed to catch up with a couple (very small) quilty projects…….first, a lottery block for my guild …….IMG_0963This is the sample we were shown, these are the directions (simple “Disappearing 9 Patch”)…IMG_0973and here is the block I came up with……IMG_0972Kinda fun to do something simple!

Next, a block for a guild member’s “Friendship” quilt. She asked for any 12.5” (unfinished) block of our choice done in yellow and blue combo. I chose the “Egg Basket” block from Lori Holt’s book……IMG_0971IMG_0970And my version (with a wee bit of vintage ‘flavor’)…..IMG_0967

Tomorrow I’m on to this wonderful project on my Juki……..image 0Stay tuned………and it’s good to be back home (even if the chill is on the pumpkin!)……………

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Barn quilts…….

We’re back home and had a great trip out West to South Dakota and Montana/Yellowstone Park & “Old Faithful”! More on that later. What we arrived home to see was this beautiful barn quilt square all ready to hang on our dairy barn. Measuring 8’ by 8’, it’s weight was definitely intimidating….and threatening!! I had drawn up the basic design (8.5”x11”) just before we left on our trek and DS had taken it from there and created this awesome hanging!!!! A slight digression (for my Brit friends—–you know who you are! Hehe…), follow this link to a further explanation of the origin of this trend. Anyhow, back to what greeted us as we drove in our driveway….IMG_0954 Maybe a close-up……IMG_0955 Seeing the two ladders sent me to wondering how exactly this project would get mounted! DS (who actually owns our farm as of last year…..we’re just “squatters”…..he & wife live up the drive from our home) had gotten the preliminary holes drilled for the many bolts that would secure this to the structure. He just needed to wait for a friend, who is a logger, to come with a critical piece of equipment, making this process possible (safely!!!). IMG_0957 Arrival and an evaluation of the situation…. IMG_0958IMG_0959 IMG_0960 IMG_0961 And success!! This Mom was very grateful with the UNeventful positive outcome! Now, on to the next project…………

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School Days……………


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“Dream Big”…revisited……….

The stitching is completed. This panel was incredibly wonky from the start (off the bolt) and there’s a huge challenge to keep the stitching density reasonably even so the piece will lay flat. The next step is to “square” it up. I trimmed/straightened the irregular edges, using a rotary cutter and 15” square ruler, and set up the foam flooring tiles that serve as the base for this process. If you pop over to this link, you can see that product. Each tile is 24” square, 4 to a package, and they interlock. I cover them with bath towels and laid out the panel. The fabric panel has been thoroughly dampened!! I have a carpenter’s laser square that makes this next step so much easier!!! IMG_0932 IMG_0930 Using flower-head pins, I pin the panel every inch, or so. Stretching and patting the fabric into place and lining the edges up with the laser lines is really not too difficult. Place a couple of small fans blowing across it and wait til it’s totally dry……..IMG_0931 Binding will be done when we return from out jaunt out West for the next 2 weeks.

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Friday (Happy) Finish…………

For the story that began here……


Thread:(top & bobbin) Connecting Threads Essential Pro poly, 70wt. Batting: Hobbs Heirloom, cotton/poly. 

Note: For more information on the 14″ Slim Ruler I used when ditch stitching this topper, contact Kelly Cline through info supplied in this post.

   I think it’s time to get back to the “Dream Big” panel!………….stay tuned……….

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Quick follow-up………………

For anyone that is looking for that perfect ditch-stitching ruler, the one I revealed in my last post….IMG_0912, you may get in touch with Kelly on her website/blog or Facebook page. While you’re on her site, check out her other rulers. They are the perfect size and shape for those of us who fmq on a domestic/sit-down machine (and, of course, all those longarmers, too!!!!).

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Playtime—–came to an end……………

Before noon!! How could it go by so quickly??!!! 5 stars-feathered, narrow inner border-plumed, outer border—well, you will have to ‘call’ that one! And the ruler work=pure joy!!! Let’s begin…………with ditch stitching………….IMG_0910Yup, around each star and each side of that dark “cinnamon” fabric. A very small task this time! IMG_0912A task made ever so much easier with my newest acquisition from Kelly Cline—-awesome ruler!!IMG_0913 I canNOT say enough about how easily it handles with Ms. Juki (2010/domestic)! The fact that it’s comfortably narrow (1.5” wide) but a whopping 14” long (awesome!!) allowed for a speedy ditching! This is a very new addition to her stable of quality fmq machine accessories (both longarm and domestic/sit-down machines).  Once that was completed, the “plumes” were put in place…………IMG_0918I simply used the seam as the feather spine and did a one-sided feather. Easy-peasy. On to the outer border. Hmmmm………..it needed “points” to carry through the star theme, so I grabbed another ruler……….IMG_0914The green tape helped me remember which line I was using. Went around one time and, on the second pass, overlapped the points for a “Gothic” look……IMG_0917So neat, I think!IMG_0920These are the 3 rulers that somewhat of a workout this morning. The bottom rulers 2 “nest” and are from Handi Quilter. I am at the point of adding the binding……………..IMG_0924

A “Friday Finish” is on the horizon…………


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One Word Wednesday (on Thursday!)……….


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A productive afternoon………….

And this little table topper (30”x 12”) is ready to quilt….yay!!! IMG_0902 Close-up……..IMG_0903 All the fabrics are from my stash and are without any selvage information. After I got past the idea of working with such small pieces (and I know there are smaller squares others work with!) , I rather enjoyed how it went together. It’s from this cute little pattern I picked up last Sunday………IMG_0907 It’s layered/pin-basted and ready for the fun part. I’m in a “feather mode” so……….IMG_0908 The star block is small (about 4.5”). Of course there will be some more in the border(s)…….Stay tuned. This will be a gift for DHs sis in Montana. We’re off to the South Dakota Black Hills next week for some motorcycle riding (trailering the bike!) and hiking then off to Montana for the next week.

Thread: not sure yet! Batting: Hobbs Heirloom, cotton/poly. This looks like a great candidate for some fmq on Ms. Juki!!!! See ya later……………………….

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To square or not to square………….

When the UNfinished block/HST (half square triangle) needs to be 2”, yes! we need to square!!! New, quick little project in the ‘works’………IMG_0540

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Feathers!……I see feathers!………

And pebbles. Such a great combo but let me add another ingredient: micro-stippling=perfection! First, without that awesome texture-defining addition: IMG_0845 and with that addition: IMG_0847 This was a tad tricky, as metallic thread does not take well to such tiny, tight stitching. I, also, added some itsy bitsy pebbles surrounding the central flower motif: IMG_0853 This addition really better defined that area! I like it! Some more progress………….IMG_0851  To see the beginnings of this project, see this post. Thread: (top) Superior Variegated Gold metallic (#25); (bobbin) Connecting Threads Essential Pro poly, 70wt. Batting: Hobbs Heirloom, cotton/poly (80/20). “Dream Big” panel by Hoffman Fabrics (approx. 45”x 45”).

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And I now know why these panels are (slightly?) addicting! Here’s this afternoon’s bit of fun…….IMG_0835IMG_0836IMG_0833 IMG_0832 IMG_0837 That’s it for today. Quite toasty outdoors today and am very thankful for central A/C!!! Have an awesome rest-of-the-weekend!…………

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Yup… I’ve succumbed to the “what’s out there” fad. Using Superior’s Variegated Gold metallic thread.

Hobb’s cotton/poly batting. Back to it….

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Just a very short fun post…….

Meet-ups are always fun and take “virtual” friendships and bring them into the “real” world. Once again, this was an occasion that occurred last Monday, over lunch in Rochester (MN). IMG_0510 Kathy and I had discovered that we shared a mutual Fb friendship with a quilter whom I had gotten to know while working in Winona. THEN…..it was discovered that we had a mutual friend (residing in California, now) that had belonged to the same VW club (in the St. Paul/Minneapolis area) decades ago…!!! Yup! We were all a bit flabbergasted by the coincidence! BUT, that’s not the end of the story…… in the course of the conversation, it was discovered that Kathy’s mom and my hubby’s cousin own(ed) resorts on the same lake in northern Minnesota (very near one another!). Yes, indeed…..it’s a very small world!

  Are there any such pleasant “coincidences”in your lives??? Thanks so much for stopping by my little corner of the world. Til next time….hugs……..

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Catching up & getting back to it………..

Seems to be somewhat of a challenge these days. Ever since GSs wedding (July 21)IMG_0796 I’ve been in involved with other events. Our little town’s annual celebration was the end of July, requiring some prep help from DH & I for our #2 son/DILs participation in the event (they own a convenience store/gas station in the heart of town). Each year they set up a smoker and sell incredible pulled pork sandwiches. This year, our son built a new HUGE smoker (from the ground up) to accommodate the several hundred pounds of pork.IMG_0760IMG_0756IMG_0753


“The boys of summer”

 DH, on left, DS on right.



IMG_0490 IMG_0489

It was a very busy weekend!!! Now, back to stitching!!!!!


Note:“click” on any photo to enlarge.

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Spent some time trying to set up the new ‘puter…..with Hubb’s major help. I know “social net-working” and blogs but computer language strikes fear in me cuz usually it turns out badly when I click on a (logical to me) button. Anyhow, onward………

To refresh your memory, I will advise popping over to this post to pick up my thoughts on these (now completed) projects. Yup….there was enough fabric for 2 totes—one with my fave paisley (stash) fabric lining (for me), that I am finally running out of(!!) and one with a lovely floral (again, stash) fabric/fat quarter. Photos will finish the process………

IMG_0808IMG_0810Front IMG_0812Back w/ pocket (both bags). And the donation tote w/ floral lining.IMG_0822 Front (both bags) close-up detail…..IMG_0816IMG_0819 Thread:(Top & bobbin) Connecting Threads Essential Pro poly, 70 wt. Batting: Hobbs Heirloom, cotton/poly. And, 1 set of vintage pillowcases.

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Shopping for a new computer. Technical difficulties (‘puter “bit the dust”) will pause my posts for a bit…….not too long, hopefully! Have an awesome Monday….💜😘

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Tote mode with a vintage flair…..

Is what’s on the table at the moment. A donation request was made, from a member of our long term care facility board, for an upcoming fund raising event/auction. Hmmmm…..what to donate…….there’s always a table topper (we always can use something new in that department) but, then, I thought that a shopping tote might be something with more universal appeal. Delving into my stash (vintage and fabric), I came up with some happy bright fabric and a pillow case that mirrored those fabric colors.IMG_0781 The plaid is a denim(!) that will be the body of the tote and the pillowcase is below. I’ve done a bit of the stitching in this section now, on to the part without the embroidery and that lovely lavender band. The crochet edging is so yummy, don’t you think?? And…the best part is…there’s enough fabric, and a pair of these pillowcases, so I might just make 2 of these! Stay tuned. All this, with GS #2 getting married in 2 days but the wedding preparations seem to be well in hand. One more close-up of this project and I will need to begin the day…….IMG_0782

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Beautiful summer days…….

Have a way of beckoning us outdoors so stitching is left in the shadows until those rainy days come. My quilt guild meeting, last Monday,  had a sparse “sharing” time….very unusual for this group! IMG_0770 This gal visits the “give-away” table at each meeting, goes home, creates some type of pattern that fits the fabric she has and returns with gorgeousness!!!! We’ve asked her to write down some of these original piecings (yes! original!) but she says she’s just too busy sewing to do that……….definitely wa-a-a-a-ay “right-brained”…LOL!!!!

 IMG_0775IMG_0776IMG_0777 I think someone’s in apron-mode!!!!

IMG_0772 Some have always dreamed of completing a “Lone Star” at least once (Bucket List item??).

IMG_0773 This is completely hand pieced (not EPP) and will be hand quilted—-she said it absolutely must be, don’t you agree?

There was one more love table topper share but I really must not show a photo of it here. It just might be a Christmas gift exchange item in another group. You never know who’s lurking around this little place!!!

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“Book Nerd”……

Hmmmmm…..that really doesn’t describe anyone I know but this pattern is just the cutest…..IMG_0778 and really makes up (as a single block/mini wall quilt) very sweet. Would I make a whole quilt of this???? Probably not! (See this post) So…..now that the recipients have opened their packages, I will share with you how these turned out……..IMG_0742 IMG_0746 Each very different…..but so are these 2 gals.

Always fun to see a “finish” in a shorter period of time!! And, of course, I just had to incorporate a little ‘vintage’, hmmmmm?????? What interesting little stitchings occupy your moments??? Please, share…….

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Thrifting in Readstown

A very small “bend in the road” in West central Wisconsin. DH and I decided to take a drive through the fantastically beautiful “Driftless Region” in which we reside. Heading down highway 61, through Viroqua, Coon Valley and Westby, we arrived in Readstown and at our destinations. “Crazy Frank’s” was a small shop cram packed with old stuff……yielding nothing that was of interest. Sometimes a place is like that! Next was “Kickapoo Trading Post”. This place had some real possibilities. DH found an old hubcap(!) to add to his collection of “anything cars”. Of course, I was keeping my eyes open for the linens! Hmmm…..nothing!!! BUT…..this little pie basket was calling my name—loudly! And the price—well, only $12-that would do nicely. IMG_0751IMG_0731And, then I opened the lid to find this..IMG_0732The matching pie-stacking table!!! OK!! We’re going home with this ‘find’. Arriving home, I checked it out more closely and discovered this info on the inside of the lid: IMG_0734 

I knew that the basket was a US made one—confirmed! The bonus was this inscription: IMG_0735Excellent! The decorative paintings were definitely hand painted and here was the documentation. Score!IMG_0752

We headed home with our “treasures” on Highway 35 which follows the Mississippi River, taking the bridge across the river into Lansing, Iowa, up County 26 into Minnesota and home. A lovely relaxing day.

Today is further GS wedding alteration prep day and I must get to it!!! Til next time………….hugs………….

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A little diversion………

But one that has to be shown in “sneaky peeks” for now! Why?, you may ask. Well, the cute little projects will be wending their way to distant homes soon (via USPS, hence the word “wending”!!!!!!). IMG_0729IMG_0730  Hmmmmm….yes, they’re paper pieced! And, as you may or may not remember, paper piecing (for some obscure reason) presents assembly challenges for me. Ummmm, guess the challenge is counting (1,2,3) so that the pieces/fabrics are added in the correct order. A project from 2015 presented some issues to me. If you look at that yellow egg (below)…..   there’s a sliver of yellow (top, just left of the ribbon) that was piece #2 in that left-hand section. I was not paying attention, so I pieced in a background fabric and didn’t notice it until the section was DONE!!! Ripping back is not done easily.  Re-doing the section with fresh paper, etc, was the option I went for……..lesson learned, not to be repeated in the near future(?).

So, it’s on to some quilting on the secrets.

Thread: Glide (top); Connecting Threads Essential Pro poly (bobbin). Batting: Hobbs Heirloom, cotton/poly.

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Lest we forget…………….

Image result for [[["xjs.sav.en_US.23uiea-BVMI.O",5]],[["id","type","created_timestamp","last_modified_timestamp","signed_redirect_url","dominant_color_rgb","tag_info","url","title","comment","snippet","image","thumbnail","num_ratings","avg_rating","page","job"]],[["dt_fav_images"]],10000]              Some may deny truth but that does not make it less true!

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A Friday Finish!!!…………………..

Always a great way to end the week!!! This post (just 1 week ago!) is the beginning of the stitchery and contains all the details (thread/batting, etc). IMG_0723 IMG_0724 and the “rest of the story”…………IMG_0726

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On this little vintage piece is going well. I’ve reached the point where I need to trim the batting and backing. I cut away the batting so that the edge is just behind the crochet edging…………………………………….. IMG_0718 The backing is trimmed a tad further out beyond the crochet edge, curves clipped and folded over the batting and between the wrong side of the vintage piece and the batting. It’s the same way I finish the covered hangers. Pinned and ready to topstitch the new edge securely…………………………..IMG_0716 IMG_0717 The first photo above is the right side; the second one is from the back. Now, to go back and continue my feathers and background stitching to the edge……………….IMG_0719 Half-way done!!!  IMG_0720 Quite the contrast….lots of “poof” left to tame!!!!……………..IMG_0722  Won’t be too much longer to finish. Til next time……………….

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A couple of weeks ago, bloggy friend Pat D. offered to send me some little doilies that she had. These sweeties, from Ontario, have arrived and have happily joined some “friends” who are waiting their turn with Ms. Sweetie……..IMG_0715

But….for now…..returning to my current project……………………….

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Monday’s progress…….

After a weekend of absolutely no stitching—–but with glorious weather! Today’s advancement is in the feather department and I am so loving the direction this is going…..IMG_0713   Using the double layer of cotton/poly is really producing dimension! If you would want to back-track on this project, see this post for all the particulars (thread, batting, etc).

My smaller quilt group is meeting a wee bit earlier this afternoon (4:00 instead of 7:00 pm this evening) so I had better cut this short. More soon. Thanks so much for stopping by! Hugs………….

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How ‘bout a “Fresh Start Friday”………..

After lunch with friends yesterday, a thrift shop visit was in order. The third Thursday is 1/2 price on everything for seniors……yay! I definitely qualify!! This little dresser scarf ($1) came home with me and found its way to Ms Sweetie’s spot….IMG_0706Detail:IMG_0705     The sweetest crochet edging and lovely embroidery…..I just could NOT resist! So, putting other projects aside(!), I sandwiched this and began the transformation………..IMG_0702    Of course, there has to be feathers….I suspect that there will be lots more!!

Thread: (top & bobbin) Connecting Threads Essential Pro poly, 70wt. Batting: Hobbs Heirloom cotton/poly (80/20) double layered!

The sun has finally showed itself and lawn mowers are frantically trying to do something with lawn that could be baled!!!

Have an awesome weekend…..vintage progress report next week…….. 

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Special occasion stitching continues………

Grandson’s July wedding is quickly approaching and associated stitching tasks are being accomplished. The latest request was for ties for the groomsmen (to match the attendants’ dresses), groom and ushers. Craftsy has a wonderful pattern….did I mention that it’s free?? So, having secured the perfect/matching colored fabrics……..let the cutting begin………..IMG_0682 IMG_0681 IMG_0683

The pattern directions are clear and concise, resulting in very professional finishes…………IMG_0700             I expect that the next requests will be the bridal gown, groom’s mother’s dress……and ??? (yup…I haven’t figured out what I’m wearing!!!)

Now……back to some vintage stitching……….

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Gammel Dag and other activities……….

This past weekend kept me on the move. Saturday, DH and I were on our way to Peterson, MN, (about 17 miles away) to check out their annual event, “Gammel Dag” (“Old Days”). This little town, population 202, is situated on the picturesque Root River in S.E. Minnesota. Their event is always somewhat overshadowed by  other more major summer celebrations in 2 neighboring cities. This allows the town’s various events to be much more quaint and typical of bygone days. The quilt show was small but presented perfect examples of hand-stitched quilts done by local residents (who are pushing that century mark!).IMG_0687

IMG_0692   IMG_0685IMG_0686There’s been some talk, in my Facebook groups, of the trend to have the final quilting be on the “excessive” side and overshadowing the piecing. I’m not sure if these thoughts are coming from those whose focus is piecing, or not, but heavy amounts of quilting stitches is not a new phenomena and, if done with the appropriate materials, results in a finish that is as soft as those with less stitching. Here’s an example of a vintage quilt that has the most amazing hand stitching that I’ve ever seen!!!! IMG_0688 IMG_0690                         


Enlarge this photo and be amazed!


 IMG_0689 The documentation, along side the quilt, gives further information on it’s maker, etc……..IMG_0691

Leaving the quilt venue, we strolled down one of the vender lined side streets…….IMG_0693  Examples and demonstrations of hardanger, rosemaling, knitting, stained glass and stitcheries of various kinds. This apron caught my eye (wonder why??)…..IMG_0694 It was beautifully made using a gorgeous embroidered/open-work tablecloth!

The day was overcast (a very good thing!) and the temps were in the upper 90s as we headed to the ball field to watch a vintage baseball game. This is a “gentleman’s” game and the uniforms were long sleeved and warm!!! The hat must be on at all times and, if lost on a run to base, the player is penalized a quarter! The rules are quite different from today’s game. No gloves are worn…by anyone!IMG_0696 IMG_0695

It was a very relaxing day and one without any real schedule. How unusual for me/us! Now…..back to some stitching. Til next time……..

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A Friday (Vintage) Finish………

If you wish to backtrack a tad, see this post. IMG_0675   Note:Right”click” on any photo to enlarge.   The covered beading strips are applied on opposing sides/edges so that the beading meets at the corners without a break. As you can see, I definitely need further experience in this part of the process! IMG_0679 That corner is the best of the 4!! I can only get better at this…..I really enjoyed doing this. I wasn’t sure that this type of tedious/meticulous hand stitching would appeal to me….but, I think it did! IMG_0672 IMG_0671IMG_0676 

This type of “knife” edging requires that a facing be applied to encase all the raw edges. It’s applied in four 2.5” strips, pressed in half as you would for binding (applied, again, in pairs on opposing sides). The corners may be done with a miter or merely lapped (my choice) but either way there is a ton of bulk to deal with in a very small area…..3 sandwich layers (x2), beading fabric (2 layers) and the 2 strips of facing (stitched and folded over= 4 more layers). Anyhow, there’s bulk and Bethanne warns that this is, possibly, the trickiest to deal with and have it look nice in the finish. IMG_0678 IMG_0677 

I am very pleased with this first attempt and see many possibilities for use in future projects (not sure any will be of substantial size, however!!!). One last photo……..IMG_0674

Now….I think I’ll go cut out some neckties……….a story for another time! Have an awesome weekend. Ours is shaping up to be a steamy one with very hot/humid stormy days. We’ll see what activities draw me out. There’s a quilt show in Peterson (MN) tomorrow (event list) with a vintage baseball game in the afternoon.

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Beautiful summer day collides with………..

My little vintage project and, wellllll…., the gorgeous weather, etc, wins (for the moment). Bed linen is on the lines (yay!)……..IMG_0664   and some yummy baking is cooling on the counter and in the frig……IMG_0663   Clockwise from left: 1 fresh strawberry pie with a wonderful cream cheese layer, 1 loaf white sourdough sandwich bread and 1 frosted cinnamon swirl breakfast loaf. Not bad…and it’s just a little after 10:00 a.m.!! Now……it’s quilting time, or, actually, hand work for that beaded edging. Bye for now……….

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Finish line in sight……kinda………

This story continues and is winding down……..well, sorta. Begun here, the border is stitched………………IMG_0656  and provides a “comfortable” finish for all of that center busy-ness, hmmmm?? IMG_0659 My handy little Kelly Cline palm ruler makes these types of borders so quick and easy! IMG_0660   The edge finish is prepped and in progress………IMG_0661  IMG_0662   Yup, having a go at Bethanne Nemesh’s  beaded detail. This may just take a bit of time…..especially with a slightly busy schedule this week. Summer is here and VBS/Vacation Bible School is in full swing. The time slot is the evenings beginning with a light supper for the kiddos at 5:30pm. Can’t get their attention if their tummies are empty!!! Til next time…………

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Vintage Update #2…………..

But first……my day began in the kitchen with a batch of sourdough craisin pecan bread. Follow the link to the long-ago post that has the recipe.IMG_0654  Then, I was able to get back to my little vintage project and all that micro-stippling needed. The next 2 photos give you a feel for what those tiny stitches add to the “look”…..IMG_0649 without and with…….IMG_0648 The embroidery is beautifully lifted above the background! Texture!!!! Yay!!!IMG_0647 

Just to give you a bit of size perspective.. insert 1 dime!IMG_0646IMG_0653IMG_0652   In the last photo, above, you can see the contrast of the un-stippled areas (upper and left edges) and the rest of the piece. I do have an idea for the border stitching and edge finish. Stay tuned. Have an awesome weekend…………….

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