To all of Doreen’s loyal Blog friends

Doreen A. Auger

April 5, 1946 — August 29, 2022

Houston, MN

Doreen A. Auger, 76, of Houston, MN died on Monday, August 29, 2022, at her home with her family at her side.
Doreen Anne Svendsen was born on April 5, 1946, in St. Paul, MN to Wallace and Marian (Gappa) Svendsen. She was raised in St. Paul and was a graduate of Archbishop Murray High School in St. Paul. She attended the University of Minnesota for three years. On January 21, 1967, she was united in marriage with Tom Auger. She and Tom moved to rural Houston, MN in 1974. Doreen was a stay at home mom who was devoted to raising her two sons. She ran her own sewing business and worked at the Wedding Tree in La Crosse, WI. Doreen received her associate degree as a pharmacy technician from the University of Minnesota in Rochester. She worked as a pharmacy technician at Park View Pharmacy in Winona, MN for over ten years. Doreen and Tom spent their winters in Texas since 2015. Doreen loved her family dearly, and had a passionate relationship with God, quilting, music and motorcycles. She was a member of the Root River Community Church in Rushford, MN. 
She is survived by her husband, Tom; two sons: Michael “Mick” (Joella) Auger of Sparta, WI, and Brady (Tracy) Auger of Houston, MN; three grandchildren: Kayla, Andrew, and Aaron (Janelle); two great-grandchildren: Payten and Paige; and two brothers: Don and Craig.
She was preceded in death by her parents.
There will be a memorial service for Doreen at noon on Saturday, September 3, 2022, at the Root River Community Church in Rushford. Visitation will be one hour prior to the service at the church.
In lieu of flowers the family prefers memorials directed to the Root River Community Church. 
Hoff Funeral Home is assisting the family with arrangements. 

Dad wanted me to post this since he couldn’t figure it out😂. Mom was diagnosed with cancer in May, so this was quick and unexpected. Dad will check back often for any responses but, unfortunately, you all must carry on in her memory. She absolutely loved sewing/quilting, and sharing her knowledge with anyone that showed interest, she is horribly missed.

Her youngest son, Brady

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A little project…….

That was needed. We make coffee in a small French press maker and like our coffee hot so a solution was needed. I measured the container french press (circumference and distance between the handle attachments) and proceeded to grab fabric, some Hobbs 80/20 and Velcro. Fabric came from leftovers from here and moments later I had this……. IMG_2012IMG_2011 IMG_2010 Now there’s no excuse for tepid coffee!!!! Yay!

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Another “topper”…………

Yup, they just seem to be the dominant item in my kit stash! This one is from a Connecting Threads kit, “Wheat Stripe”, purchased……..well, a while back. I spotted this pattern ‘cuz I always wondered how what I refer to as a “stretched 9-patch” would be to put together. IMG_2000 I rather enjoy stitching curves so this one was fun! The 9-patch pieces were stitched and the curves were next…… IMG_1992. I prefer not to pin but use glue to hold the pieces together for the stitching…IMG_1993. Here’s a video showing the process (using pins). IMG_1994Glued and ready (flip the piece over so the convex piece is on top). IMG_1991IMG_1990 Blocks joined IMG_1995 and ready for borders. Next, the sandwiching and quilting..thread choices..IMG_1997 and determining the ‘what’ to stitch…IMG_2001. IMG_2005IMG_2004IMG_2006 There was enough fabric for backing, too…yay! IMG_2007 A finish…. IMG_2003 A single layer of Hobbs 80/20 produced a nice texture.

Right click on photos to enlarge.

Happy stitching……..hugs…….

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Still in “table topper” mode………..

As I hinted(?) in my last post, another star topper was pieced and at the ready. IMG_1959 Ditch stitching commenced and ended up being every stinkin’ seam…….but, I just kept thinking about the fun that was right around the corner! Once SID (Stitch in the Ditch) a “sit-down” machine quilter actually may begin anywhere, since all is well stabilized. I began in a star center:IMG_1970 and imagined what designs would fill the other shapes/areas. A quilter must always be thinking ahead or one could stitch themselves into a corner and be forced to (gasp!) break thread!!!! Centers are done:IMG_1968 on to the background….IMG_1972 still looking kinda ‘blah’…….more texture!… IMG_1975 “match-sticks” scribbles really makes the motifs pop!!! The star “frames” (red & green centers) needed something…IMG_1987

Done! Back & front views……… IMG_1985 IMG_1983 Simple swirls in the outer border (with no stitching in that narrow inner border). 17”x35” finished. Another Connecting Threads kit, purchased eons ago, is no longer a stash resident!!

1 layer of Hobbs Heirloom cotton/poly batting, once again, provided beautiful texture…..and even more after a laundering! This was pieced and quilted on a Juki 2010.

Note: Left click any photo to enlarge.

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Another linen……………

Yup, friend, Jean, really gave me some beauties!! Huge oversight: I forgot to take the obligatory ‘before’ photo! ……..sigh……… Well…moving to the process that transpired……….

First, some registration markings (not many needed on this one!!), with leaves that quickly followed…………IMG_1512 IMG_1522Many of my design ideas require only ‘quadrant’ markings. The background micro-stippling gives the dimension I love!! IMG_1515 IMG_1516  And another…… IMG_1524 IMG_1523 Micro-stippling adds the “wow” factor!

Before I could work on the outer border area, I had to cut back the backing & batting to allow the beautiful lace edging to really ‘shine’ when finished. IMG_1954IMG_1953Back view: IMG_1955 The raw edges of the backing/batting will have the binding (made as usual) stitched to the 2 edges (between the top linen piece and the batting…keeping the linen free and the binding folded edge extending OUTward—-sorry if this is confusing!). This binding will, then be hand sewn to the back after the border is quilted. IMG_1956Inserting the binding piece. The finish(after the border is quilted).IMG_1964 

Finished back view: IMG_1965 IMG_1960

This was done with a single layer of Hobbs Heirloom cotton/poly (80/20).

Right click any photo to enlarge.

Next up, a cute table runner kit I’ve pieced since arriving in Texas………..IMG_1959 Anyone taking a stitching break? New projects/ideas swirling in your head just waiting to burst forth???? Till next time…….hugs……

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A Christmas prayer………

Please, take a moment (or two) to remember how the Son of the Triune Godhead took on humanity for those brief years that we might have an eternity to spend with Him. “Greater love has no man but that he lay down his life for his friends.” John 15:13. From the manger to the cross so many years ago……a message never more needed than in these darkest of days. Christmas 2020 May you ‘know’ the One Who longs for you with a love unfathomable.

Have a Blessed Christmas and Peace-filled New Year…with hugs….Doreen

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The True Spirit of Christmas……………..

Is not what/who is portrayed as a “good feeling of the season” but a powerful, life-changing Person Who totally & completely filled the One Who came to earth as a baby so that we, too, might have the gift of His Likeness indwelling us…….Oh glorious night!!!!


Article by

Scott Hubbard


Hidden away in an often-forgotten verse of “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing” is an often-forgotten wonder of Christmas:

Adam’s likeness, Lord, efface,
Stamp Thine image in its place:
Second Adam from above,
Reinstate us in Thy love.

Christ came into the world not only as the Son of God, but also as the second Adam (1 Corinthians 15:47–49; Romans 5:14). In Christ, we see humanity as we were meant to be: the perfect image and likeness of God, “crowned with glory and honor” (Psalm 8:5). More than that, in Christ we see redeemed humanity as we one day will be. The one who once was formed in the womb of Mary is now being formed in us (Galatians 4:19). And when he finishes stamping his image over the Adam in all of us, “we shall be like him” (1 John 3:2).

“In order to fulfill his mission as a true man, Christ had to be filled with the Holy Spirit to the uttermost.”

This wonder then leads to another: as our second Adam, Christ lived a genuinely human life. He served, suffered, died, and rose not by virtue of his almighty divinity, but by virtue of his perfect humanity. As we sing in the hymn, he was “pleased as man with man to dwell.”

And in order to fulfill his mission as a true man, he had to be filled with the Holy Spirit to the uttermost.

Man of the Spirit

Three times, Isaiah foretold that the coming Messiah would be the consummate man of the Spirit. In the words of the prophet, “The Spirit of the Lord shall rest upon him” (Isaiah 11:2). In the words of the Father, “I have put my Spirit upon him” (Isaiah 42:1). In the words of Christ himself, “The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me” (Isaiah 61:1).

All our messianic bells should be ringing, then, when we hear Gabriel tell Mary, “The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you; therefore the child to be born will be called holy — the Son of God” (Luke 1:35). From the very moment of Christ’s conception, the Holy Spirit rested upon him.

Even more wonderfully, the Spirit never left him. Throughout the rest of the Gospels, the Spirit serves as Christ’s “inseparable companion,” as the church father Basil put it (Sinclair Ferguson, The Holy Spirit, 37). The great Puritan John Owen went further and listed ten stages of this inseparable companionship (Works of John Owen, 3:162–83). According to Owen, the Holy Spirit

Therefore, as Sinclair Ferguson concludes, “From womb to tomb to throne, the Spirit was the constant companion of the Son” (37).

Fully Human Holiness

But if Jesus was (and is) fully God, why did he need the Holy Spirit to fulfill his mission? Couldn’t he have grown in wisdom and worked miracles, for example, by the power of his own divinity? Yes, he could have. But if he had done so, we would not be able to sing,

Second Adam from above,
Reinstate us in Thy love.

“Christmas means more than Christ’s entrance into the world. It means his entrance into you.”


In order for Christ to be our second Adam, he had to fight and win on the same battleground where our first Adam lost. The first Adam fell as man; therefore, Christ must stand as man — as one “made like his brothers in every respect . . . yet without sin” (Hebrews 2:17; 4:15). No animal and no angel could undo our ancient curse; that task was left for a perfect second Adam.

“If we are to be holy,” Ferguson writes, “that holiness must be wrought out in our humanity. This is what Christ has accomplished” (72). By the Spirit, Christ has become the forerunner of a new holy humanity. And now, by that same Spirit, he imprints his fully human holiness in us.

Recovering Our Lost Glory

Just before Jesus was betrayed, he told his disciples, “I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Helper, to be with you forever, even the Spirit of truth” (John 14:16–17). The same Spirit who filled Jesus is now with us — even in us (John 14:17) — forever. And as the Spirit of the risen Christ, “he takes the copy of Christ’s religious life in the Spirit and works those same affections and desires in us so we are truly Christlike,” as Mark Jones writes.

In other words, the Spirit pours our humanity into the mold of Christ’s humanity — the mold he formed through his perfect human life. So, for example:

The Spirit, who was the “inseparable companion” of Christ on earth, is now our inseparable companion — sent by the Son “to recover glory in us” (The Holy Spirit, 92).

Spirit of Christmas

Many casually mention “the spirit of Christmas” this time of year, often meaning little more than vague goodwill and tame niceness. But here we find another Spirit of Christmas, neither vague nor tame. He is, indeed, a living Spirit, a sovereign Spirit, even a dangerous Spirit — dangerous to all inside of us that is unlike Christ, and to all outside of us that is opposed to Christ.

He is a world-invading, wonder-working, devil-spurning, sin-slaying, death-destroying Spirit. Power is his hallmark, and the glory of Christ his aim. Though invisible as the wind, he is mighty as the hurricane. And if his work at times feels slow, he will not stop until Christ is formed in us — until we no longer have need to pray,

Adam’s likeness, Lord, efface,
Stamp Thine image in its place.

So take courage, Christian. Christmas means more than Christ’s entrance into the world. It means his entrance into you.

My prayer is that you may know the Spirit of Christmas in a new, real way now and in the days ahead. Doreen



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And so much has happened!! We had our gift giving/Thanksgiving dinner with family and the following Monday headed south to our little Winter Texan abode in north Harlingen. The drive was wonderful without the usual weather related issues. This was 2 weeks ahead of our usual departure time. We continue to be blest with good health for which we thank the Lord!

My stitching “nest” is humming along with 2 completions and 2 more sandwiched and at the ready. I brought along several complete kits as there are no close-by quilt shops, although Hobby Lobby has come to my rescue in the past.

The first ‘share’ is a vintage piece gifted to me (here in TX) from friend Jean……..I was sew excited to stitch that I have very few photos……(whoops)…..The finish is 15”x35”. The first photo with a few registration lines…………IMG_1499, adding a few feathers and “star-shine” lines………IMG_1500 IMG_1943. I finished the outer edge in my usual manner when there’s a beautiful lace edging  (see here, and the previous 2 posts)…with a “string of pearls” to anchor the backing/batting and give a spine to the outer feather plumes. A peek at the back IMG_1508 IMG_1507

Next up… from pattern IMG_1510… was a cute little wall-hanging kit (14”x27”) that I had purchased from Connecting Threads many years ago! IMG_1945 Fused/pieced and ready to stitch……IMG_1947 A bit of SID (Stitch in the Ditch) moments and on to the real fun…….IMG_1949 Some close-ups: IMG_1504 IMG_1952 IMG_1951 A view from behind…IMG_1509  and a finish: IMG_1950

“Click” on any photo to enlarge. Now, on to what awaits.

How’s your Christmas projects coming? Baking? Stitching? I’ll leave you with my somewhat feeble attempt to do some holiday lighting. Yes, those lights are on the little cactus outside my sewing area window…………IMG_1948

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Time to give thanks………

But isn’t that every day?? It certainly has been challenging days but shifting one’s mindset to thankfulness (“Count Your Blessings….name them one by one”…..) makes the day a bit brighter. At the moment the snow that blankets everything also succeeds in doing that!

The theme for dinner? IMG_7498 For those so inclined to do a project for next year’s season…………the above pattern is here:

Thanksgiving Blessings to all with hugs always…………………….

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Spa treatment……………..

Is needed each year before we head to Texas for the winter. Without a major number of client quilts, the machines have seen relatively(!) light use. It truly has been a strange summer!! When we returned to Minnesota last Spring I really thought that the next season was in danger of dragging along……fun summer events had begun to be cancelled-one by one-as the normal start dates approached……..but no way!! These past months have flown by filled with activities that were a tad different/smaller and more carefully planned……..Back to the idea of “spa treatments”. IMG_1937 IMG_1936During the normal course of stitching I am very careful to keep all the machines lint free. I run poly thread on the bobbins of all the machines (Juki,Sweet 16,Bernina,Elna) exclusively and am always pleased at the total lack of lint build-up. The “girls” are now back in their places and cozily covered awaiting our return in May. (To see what these covers look like…..see this post)

We’ll see what transpires the rest of my Wednesday. Christmas gifts are ready to wrap/organize for giving over the Thanksgiving weekend. That really gives me a weird feeling!!!

What’s under your needle….or is it secret stitching???? Till next we meet……….

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Wow! Another finish!!!!!…………

Yesterday, after lunch, I started the last needed Christmas gift. I knew it was to be a small holiday themed table runner……but exactly what pattern and fabric?—-no clue! “Quick and simple” was the goal……enter this pattern-Pattern Christmas Present It had been shared at one of my quilt groups and I had made a block then. So easy!!!! It comes out perfectly!! Now, to raid my Christmas/Winter stash tote. The result is done!!!!!! Yes!!! I finished it (binding hand sewn down) by supper!!! IMG_1931 IMG_1932 I wish you could see the glisten in that Superior Variegated Gold (#025) metallic thread!!!! It adds so much to the simple stitched vine motif. It finished at 14”x29” with that 5” piece of background fabric inserted at the center.

How’s your weekend?? It’s sunny and has a summer feel outside. With gunshots in the air BUT, don’t worry—-this weekend is the opener of deer season!!!! Everyone in orange clothing to be safe!! For those who are not aware, our little spot is 25 acres of farm nestled in 1500 acres of Minnesota State Hardwood Forest which allows for anyone to be hunting (with permit, of course!).

Right click any photo to enlarge.

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Finishing up the week……………..

Beautiful warm (record breaking?) sunny day, baking chocolate chip cookies and a ‘finish’! Perfect!! This little runner was a snap to cut and piece using Sew Kind of Wonderful’s awesome ruler IMG_1924. The video tutorial was a great help, also. At first glance, this ruler may seem a tad confusing but trust me it is not. The pieces sew together and square up perfectly! I chose to do a different setting than the one included with the mini ruler. The individual squares are 3.5” finished and are easily assembled! I haven’t use the larger sized ruler version………..yet! Some photo details of this current finish………………..frontIMG_1919 backIMG_1920 IMG_1922     IMG_1923 IMG_1928 Thread:(top) Glide, 60wt (bobbin) Connecting Threads Essential Pro poly,70wt. Batting: Hobbs Heirloom cotton/poly. Fabric: Stash!!!!

Again, a weekend is upon us. Any stitching on your agenda?? Till next we meet…….sending hugs……..

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Pin-basted and ready………

For some feathered dimension!! A Drunkard’s Path variation once again only in a smaller application (see this post for larger version). This table runner will be 14”x28” and is another quick project (“instant” gratification?). IMG_1915 and a back view with some pieced in extra blocks..IMG_1918 More details to follow in a “Friday Finish”!!!!

The weather has been amazing!! Highs in the 70s and sunny. The farmers are rapidly clearing their fields of crops….Autumn races onward!!! Snow forecast for next week…….hmmmmm….I think I’ll go for a walk! See you tomorrow……………hugs…

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This year has been a rollercoaster of temps…….lows in the upper 20s(F) to low 60s. We’ve gotten rid of the snow that fell a week or so ago…yay! Now we’re headed to the low 60s in the week ahead. Bed linen headed out on the lines to dry today!!

Stitching continues (of course!). A quick table runner, from “orphan blocks”, with a Fall theme but reversible for a more year-round look………

IMG_1907 IMG_1911         IMG_1905  The backing was a stash find from eons ago………….IMG_1912 Wouldn’t even hazard a guess to it’s age!! Pulling from stash has not resulted in any depletion, however!!! My totes seem just as full…..what’s up with that???!!!!! IMG_1910 (2) “Click” on any photo to enlarge.

Thread: (top) Superior Variegated Gold metallic,#025 (bobbin) Connecting Threads Essential Pro poly, 70 wt. Batting: Hobbs Heirloom, cotton/poly.

Another weekend is here and the final end of the “summer season” is here: Daylight Savings Time ends tonight!!!!! “Fall back” 1 hour!!!!

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Friday’s progress……………

Brought me to the outmost/larger triangles in the center section and, because I work on a sit-down machine, I need to mark a few registration lines for the ruler work that will come next week. A peek at where I’m at…………IMG_1896 I’ve pretty much been following the diagram that I shared here. There were a couple of minor changes in the feathered areas because my sketch didn’t really take into account the actual size of each of the triangles and some are pretty large towards the outer area which made the feather plumes a tad cumbersome & too large. Some narrow outer triangles and the wide floral border left. The end is definitely in sight!!!

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Is where I’m at. I have a ‘plan’……. IMG_1882 and I began with ditch stitching all seams so all basting pins have been removed in the center area. For a sit-down quilter, starting to quilt in the center is always advised and so it began..IMG_1887 and progressed to this point………IMG_1890    I think this will be working out well. Thread used is Glide (40 & 60wt). Batting is Hobbs Heirloom cotton/poly. To be continued……….

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Fall colors and a modification………

This past weekend was really gorgeous weather! So, hubbs and I just had to take a drive…again…..A glimpse of the Mississippi River…IMG_1879IMG_1878 The roads are quite winding through all the bluffs surrounding this beautiful river IMG_1877IMG_1880 Today’s winds will probably bring a lot of these colors to the ground.

I finished the ditch stitching on my current ‘lovely’, which allowed me to remove all the basting pins and give me uninterrupted area to begin the design. BUT….something kept bothering me about that “empty” spot in the center. Enter the modification/addition that I’m quite comfortable with……………………IMG_1881           So much better, I think……….

Cooking/freezing squash today kept me from the machine and tomorrow is some piano time at a local (Winona) hospital, so, although I did get all the critical markings transferred to the quilt, Wednesday will be the soonest I will be able to see how this comes to life. An-ti-ci-pa-tion builds! Till next time………………………

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Backtracking….a tad…….

To a project that’s been neglected for too long. Procrastination has reigned and I knew ideas/inspiration would come BUT I had to get to it!!! (See this link) Spending a day with my “doodle”/sketch book yielded a very satisfying direction……….. IMG_1876 I, also, printed a photo of the design from the ‘web’ and kinda got a feel for what this would look like on a ‘finish’………… IMG_1875 At the moment, a ton of ditch-stitching goin’ on…….and on………and on………..IMG_1874  Please, stop back for progress reports!!!! I look forward to your visits……….

The weather is most unlike Autumn, as the temps today are to climb into the low 80s with 25 mph ‘breezes’. The unfortunate fact in all this is that we are plagued with swarms of Asian Beetles to the point that one cannot be outdoors!!!! So, DH and I are off to visit a couple of quilt shops (Viroqua, WI, and Prairie du Chien, WI) and a lovely produce market in Coon Valley(WI). The route will take us through some beautiful foliage along the Mississippi River and the Coulee Region (as our area is called). It’s Friday, once again. I do hope you have wonderful/enjoyable plans for the upcoming days. Hugs………

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October!!! Really!!!????…………

And stash raiding continues. In my last post I share some placemats for a senior dining group in a nearby town and, after thinking a bit, thought it might be a day-brightener for our local folks who receive the “Meals on Wheels” at noon in their homes. Some are quite alone (especially these days). Last Monday, our Houston (MN) quilt group met and agreed to the idea so off to my stash I went and the results are following. Once again they are reversible….Autumn and Winter………………… IMG_1869side 2…IMG_1870                 I made 3 of the above and 2 of these.. IMG_1871side 2..IMG_1872 The pumpkin idea was from the “Primitive Quilts” magazine (see previous post). IMG_1873

Thread:(top & bobbin) Connecting Threads Essential Pro poly, 70 wt. Batting: Hobbs Heirloom, cotton/poly. Right click on any photo to enlarge.

What keeps you busy these days? Garden produce?? Stitching?? Thanks for stopping by. Till next time….hugs..

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Still in small project mode……..

And enjoying these moments. One of the groups I belong to is making placemats for each of the people who take part in a local “Senior Meals” group. The mats will be a real table brightener with one side being an Autumn/Thanksgiving theme and the other side a more Winter theme that can be used the rest of the upcoming time of chilliness. So, again, my stash provided the resources. Managed to make 4 and am pleased with them. The Fall themed sides………….IMG_1861IMG_1864IMG_1865and the “backs”…….IMG_1862 IMG_1866                       I actually made 2 like that first photo. IMG_1868 Thread:Connecting Threads Essential Pro poly, 70wt (top & bobbin), Batting: Hobbs Heirloom cotton/poly. Assembled on my trusty Juki 2010 and quilted on my Sweet 16 (a bit of ruler work made them an easy finish).

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A Friday finish……….

A satisfying way to end the week! This little project began (in my head!) last Wednesday as the perfect gift for an upcoming special day. The idea was inspired by a cute little quilt in this magazine: IMG_1829 Are you familiar with it? I am but have bypassed it cuz it has more wool projects than fabric and I really don’t need any more wool stash. Anyhow, this piece was the idea “seed” IMG_1830. These pumpkins are so attractive! So, for a table topper, I took just 2 with a blank center square, making room for a centerpiece spot in the center of the table.IMG_1831 Almost forgot to ‘flip’ the pumpkin on the opposite end! IMG_1832 IMG_1833 IMG_1834 Finished, it measures 14”x 38”…perfect. Simple grid and echo stitching worked well for the background….really brought it alive! I double batted the areas under the pumpkins for additional ‘poof’. Hobbs Heirloom cotton/poly batting with wool for the areas that got the 2nd layer. Quilted with Connecting Threads Essential Pro poly, 70 wt. The backingIMG_1837. The finish:  IMG_1842 (3) IMG_1859 (3) Have an awesome weekend! I think there’s some more (secret) stitching in my future……….

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Beautiful September weather……..

For so many activities………turkey hunting season will start shortly and the feathered critters are out for a casual stroll through my backyard…… IMG_1839 IMG_1838 Safe for the moment! Indoors, I’m blissfully stitching away………. Texture!!!!!!! IMG_1841 Almost a “finish”…….details tomorrow for a “Friday Finish”!!

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Many thanks……..

To Andrea, over at ARHtistic License, for the sweet interview/”shout out” on her blog. Her insightful questions challenged me to put into words just what it is that I do in my “stitching nest”.

Her journalings are well worth spending time with as we are given glimpses in to the lives of some of those with whom we share space on this beautiful sphere. The topics are as varied as those featured. So, grab a cuppa, hop on over and visit.

Here’s a cute client project from a few months ago…….IMG_1666 

Have an awesome rest-of-the-weekend! Hugs…………

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Flavor explosion!!!!!!!……………

For those of you who are so very fortunate enough to live anywhere in the vicinity of Harmony, Minnesota, there is a treasure of a restaurant, owned/run by a treasure of a chef!!! Yup, Matt, that’s you(!!!) and the establishment is Estelle’s Eatery and Bar. Like every other restaurant, their menu has undergone some necessary ‘mods’ BUT one of the items anxiously waited for each year, at this time, is their “Butternut Squash Bisque”……..there are absolutely no words available to adequately define this divine concoction. See this link to watch its table-side presentation. Ah-ma-zing! In the bowl (as presented) are crunchy chopped pecans mixed with bits of smoky bacon bits and topped with pure spun cotton candy!!! YES! I did say cotton candy which does its melting act as the steamy pitcher of the bisque is added. Sigh……..sublime… Today, for lunch on a dreary Friday, DH and I travelled to Harmony. We split one of the daily lunch specials: an in-house made pastrami (generously sliced and melt-in-your-mouth tender) on thick sliced brioche with fresh made slaw, dijon mayo, Swiss cheese, and (in-house made) chips…………IMG_1386 Estelle's lunch2 AND a cup of….you guessed it…..bisque………. IMG_1385 Estelle's lunch1 We are doing our utmost to support the struggling dining-out economy. It’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it……………..till next time, I think a nap is in order……………..

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From candy bags to ……….

On a rainy Wednesday afternoon my obsession(?) with this process has transformed the ordinary plastic candy bag into 2 cute cross-body purses. This time the original contents will exit this premises with the purses!!!! IMG_1828 It took a while to remember the best way to do an enclosed cording cover but things finally came together! Two very young little gals will be surprised in the near future!

How has your Wednesday gone??

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A bit of a sneak peek…………..

‘Cuz it’s another upcoming gift. The “reveal” may be a while in coming but the layers are pin-basted and ready for Ms Sweetie. The pattern I used is “Nova Star” by Cindi McCracken Designs…  IMG_1825 This was somewhat of a challenge in that the Dream Big panels were cut in exact quarters before the real cutting commenced, resulting in a ton of bias edges!!! Also, I used only one of the flower panels and yardage (a olive-y green). I, also, added a wide floral border with a pink flange inserted after 2 narrow inner borders. Curious? This is it, for now…………. IMG_1824 and IMG_1823 Now to come up with some stitching ideas!!!!!

I am using a black Hobbs Heirloom batting (80/20) because I feared that “bearding” could possibly be a factor. The backing is the floral with the black background. The finished quilt will be approximately 82” square. Not sure when the next post will be ready………..hmmmmmmm…….

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Candy Bag Zip Pouches revisited……….

Happy Monday! Mine dawned with a fantastic thunderstorm resulting in some much needed rain (1.25” worth). My afternoon was spent putting these little sweeties together…………..IMG_1820One gets quite proficient after a few of them. The larger has a wristlet strap added for use as a small purse…..lined and ready to go…..IMG_1822 IMG_1821 For detailed construction info (pattern/tutorial & supplies), see these posts: here and here.

How has your day been?????

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Part 8: (Technically) A Friday Finish…………………….

This project is a finish! The label will be made when the next project reaches this point and requires its label. Again, for those who have come late to this journey, check out the right side bar for previous installment posts.

Binding was the next step. I had figured possibly 15 yds., not knowing how much to allow for all the scallops. I ended up with 3 yds left which worked out well since I needed a band of green on the matching pillowcases (getting ahead of myself!). IMG_1790 Let the stitching begin…….IMG_1791 It took a bit to figure out the best way to manipulate all but eventually it settled in. All those curves!! Once the binding was applied, and before turning the binding to the back, curves needed a clipping……..IMG_1807 Pinking shears have many uses and this one is absolutely the best!!! Using clips to hold in place……..IMG_1792 I did this just before quitting for the day so the bias binding would be somewhat “molded” to the curves when I came back the next day to stitch. IMG_1794 Number 10 “Straw” needles are my faves. They are very fine (bend easily!), flexible, sharp and perfect for these tasks…..but, definitely have a needle threader handy (very tiny eyes in those needles!). I used a double strand of the Connecting Threads Essential Pro poly, 70 wt, to finish this stitching (the same thread used in my bobbins!). Final photos: IMG_1803IMG_1805 But wait……… there are matching pillowcases……….IMG_1818 I had enough of the “ice cream cones” for the band/cuff for 2 cases….yay! Now, a final photo of the whole quilt………. IMG_1799 I definitely would make another! Loved doing that outer border, too. Drunkard’s Path pieces has so many setting possibilities.

The final dimensions are 84”x 90”. Down to very little of that glorious green fabric…..a Moda solid of several years ago. I’m on a hunt to secure another bolt!

The temperatures have changed dramatically in the overnight. From a week of upper 90s with high humidities to 60/70s with acceptable moisture levels. Still very dry, though. Have an awesome rest of the weekend. I’m off to start on a few candy bag zip pouches again…!

Note: to enlarge any photo, ‘click’ on it!

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Part 7: A Glimpse of the “finish line”…….

Throughout this project, stitching in the ditch(SID) has been a necessary step, albeit a tedious one. When stitching with a DM (domestic machine) or a sit-down longarm, stabilizing the sandwich layers is ‘key’ to having a finish that is free of problems such as the most unpleasant discovery that the backing has formed pleats due to shifting/excess fabric in some areas. I use a variety of machine quilting rulers (1/4” thick, made specifically for this purpose, coupled with a special closed toe ruler foot that prevents the plastic ruler from sliding under the needle and creating  a very sad situation!). For SID on the curves, I used a “Fine Line Continuous Curve Ruler” by Accents in Design. IMG_1765 It does take a bit of getting used to but it’s so wonderful! Lots of curves in this quilt! Another handy gadget is my flexible drafting ruler for all the feather spines that I want to be the same. IMG_1776 It allowed me to fill the last green areas with remarkably similar feather motifs…….    IMG_1777 (2) Quarter circles were left to finish out this top’s design…….IMG_1777 accomplished with the “Line Tamer” straight ruler. So far, I’ve emptied 7 bobbins and that final ice cream cone border lies ahead. There is a green border that may remain empty, except for the SID and 1/4” stitching that’s been done. Not sure yet. That final/outside border, with its scalloped edge has been stabilized with an edge stitch (within the future binding area), using my fave Handi Quilter ruler, the Versa Tool,IMG_1775 and I’ve begun the final detail work using another ruler……….IMG_1781 by Bethanne Nemesh (“White Arbor Quilting) called the Lavender Line 2 (which has had a redesign and is part of the Lilac line of rulers). It’s a 6” acrylic ruler that is very easy to manipulate for use with a DM. I will be stitching these cones/petals for a while, I think! IMG_1779IMG_1778

In case you are recently joining this journey, the previous 6 posts are listed on the right side bar.

I will leave you, for a while so I can fill some bobbins, have a glass of wine and contemplate…… cream cones!!

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Part 6: The next 2 “rows”……………

Will be continuing the pattern of ruler-work/straight line stitching and feathers. This time, I increased the spacing of the straight stitched lines from the previous ‘row’………………………..IMG_1760 A bit of a better perspective….IMG_1759 I have found it’s so very easy to quilt smaller scale motifs and a bit of a challenge to ‘think big’. When using a domestic or sit-down machine, your field of vision is much smaller than when the project would be on a long-arm frame so the tendency to focus on that smaller area results in a smaller scale design. Keeping the design that I want firmly visualized in my mind helps to give me the desired results. The next ‘row’ (again, a solid green) is feathers…………………..IMG_1764 Although, maintaining similar themes, each ‘row’ needs to be modified to fit the Drunkard’s Path curves which don’t fall the same in all instances.

Stitching in the ditch comes before any of the designs to stabilize the areas and allow me to remove the basting pins.

For further details on this quilt’s progress, see this post for its “birth”. Well…’s Friday and another weekend approaches. I hope there’s some quilty moments in your future! I treasure your visits and hope you return again. Till next we meet, I send you hugs………………

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Part 5: I Love it when…….

A plan comes together….don’t you?? I’m at the point where getting a photo is becoming a bit of a challenge. This quilt is 84”x90” and being stitched “in the round” instead of the usual center-outwards (in quadrants) so I’m constantly rearranging it while stitching…….and building muscles (this happens when quilting on a domestic/sit-down mid-arm like my Sweet 16). The first feather round is completed………it really went too quickly!!! IMG_1753 (2) I marked the feather spines only so that it would be similar motifs all the way round the center. The feathers themselves are totally hand-guided free motion. IMG_1753 This center will actually be ‘on point’ when finished but it just wouldn’t fit in the photograph well unless “squared”. Once on the bed, this will be closer to the ‘look’……………IMG_1756

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Part 4: Coming along nicely………..

I’m not sure why the stitching design has been such a challenge but it has. Because of various non-quilting activities, this project really has not had the “normal” continuity feel in its process. Anyhow, here is where I’m at now…… afternoon of ruler work with my trusty Line Tamer resulted in this progress…………………….IMG_1752 The print fabric ‘rows’ need some dramatic variation to set of the royal feathers so that’s the approach I’m going for. IMG_1751 The next/green row will be a feather row…..yay!

Additional progress info may be found in my previous posts.

Till next time……the weekend is approaching once again…..have a good one……hugs……….

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Part 3: “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”………..

Is a saying that’s been around for a while now and I really do like them BUT really prefer this kind………..IMG_1747 For those of you who are just joining me in this latest journey, here’s a couple of links as to how this started: here and here. Where and how to begin is always the challenge and, for me, is worked out in a sketchbook with doodling. IMG_1748 Nothing is set in stone at this point but it’s usually close!

Now, back to that time worn adage. Diamonds are “nice” but feathers are awesome!!!!!! IMG_1749 And this is where my quilting day ends. I’m totally in love with this center and excited to get to the next “chapter”. It’s 4:00 pm……around here that’s “wine time”….and so it is.

This quilt uses: Thread (top) Glide 40wt (bobbin) Connecting Threads Essential Pro poly 70wt. Batting Hobbs Heirloom Cotton/poly 80/20 (single layer). The quilt was pieced on a Juki 2010Q and is being quilted on Ms Sweetie (Handi Quilter Sweet 16)…….hand guided free motion with minimal prep marking. Feel free to leave a question or comment if something strikes you. Have an wonderful rest of the weekend…….hugs…..IMG_1750

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Part 2: Ideas emerging……………..

For this Drunkard’s Path piecing….IMG_1741 For more on this, see my previous post. I did a bit of sketching that resulted in this design…….I’m putting a vintage doily in the center (of the center…lol) so a diamond grid stitching will work well under it (to “tame the poof”) and a feather motif surrounding it………..IMG_1745I think I’ll go with it.

My French curve templates came in handy once again…. IMG_1746 Back to stitching. The temps are back at the “toasty” level so the A/C is most lovely! Have a great weekend, Friends……….till next time……….

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Part 1: Eek! “Vintage” purchased “new” by ME!!……………..

That thought kinda hit me a bit hard! I, along with most every other stitcher, have been delving into my stash for supplies during this ‘virus time’. I came across 2 Connecting Threads packs of 10” squares that had been purchased about 20 years ago………that qualifies them as “VINTAGE”!!!!! Really???!!!! Okay…..let’s move on.

Drunkard’s Path has been a pattern design I’ve always wanted to do, so I sent to Missouri Star Quilt Co. for their awesome, large, templates that fit 10” squares. IMG_1737 Perfect! Easy to use and just slivers of waste!! IMG_1334 Playing with possibilities……IMG_1328 I knew I wanted a ‘floral’ feel design…….. putting the print in the center??? Or……IMG_1330 the solid?? Yup, the solid. Perhaps a vintage doily applique, too?? IMG_1329 A decision for later. The design wall….IMG_1333 Yup, looks like a plan…now to stitch. (Each block finishes at 9”). The curves went together easily and perfectly! I placed a green border to frame the design but it felt like there was something more than just a plain border & binding finish needed. “Light-bulb” idea—-it needs a very old-fashioned ‘ice cream cone’ final border!!!! So, I sent for another template set….Quilt In A Day to the rescue… IMG_1735 Again, the cutting and piecing was very easy (and, bonus!!!, used the rest of the layer cake pieces!!!). IMG_1349 The corners are perfect, too! IMG_1732 The top/flimsy was done (so I thought) and needing a photo……..IMG_1730 Ummmm..definitely an issue here..ugh! IMG_1730_LI A few moments frogging and the correction is made…..IMG_1741 Yesterday morning the sandwiching was completed….. IMG_1744 I use Sharon Schamber’s method of basting (I use pins).

Today is the perfect day to QUILT!!! Ms. Sweetie and I will spend quality time together. To be continued………

Thanks so much for your visit. These recent days have presented many challenges….may you have His Peace in the midst of all that is whirling around you. Sending hugs…with prayers……….

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A Finish……………..

When I left off with this piece, here, I was in the process of taking care of all that negative space surrounding the center star………………………IMG_1712The “fill” is  multidirectional wavy echoes IMG_1711that really do well to contrast with the feather ‘fans’.IMG_1716 IMG_1717IMG_1718. Inner background complete, now on to the outer/final border and something simple. (The pieced inner border will be left with only a defining SID/stitch in the ditch). “Piano keys” will be the little bit of ruler work done………IMG_1721 and a scrappy binding to finish…………………IMG_1723 A fun piece that could be a small wall quilt or table topper (36”x36”). See this post for supply details. IMG_1724

The task of packing up our little Texas place has begun. In another week, or so, the northern trek will begin. My stitching corner has been packed away (Ms Texas Juki has had a good ‘spa treatment’ and will await our return). Till next we meet….be safe and well….hugs…….

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Variety is always a good thing………….

And, when in need of a little pouch for small necessities…….like ear ‘buds’…….well, some small, quilted zip bags are just the answer. BUT, not ordinary zip bags…….these just have to have some special “personality”! For construction details, see this post. IMG_1702IMG_1703 I’m a huge fan of M&Ms so this little (3.5” square) creation is mine.IMG_1704 But DHs prefers Reeses, so…IMG_1708 IMG_1707 And, as long as I had the fusible vinyl, I came up with some other fun bags…..IMG_1701 The Veggie Straws bag is a whopping 10”x17”, Fritos bag is 8”x13” and the Texas Dippers is 6”x11”. Once these bags are fused with the vinyl, sandwiched with batting/lining and quilted, they are extremely durable and work very well for storage for those acrylic rulers (cutting or machine ruler-work) that are quite costly. When attending workshops, these bags really do well.

Back to the table-topper of yesterday’s post. Stay safe, stay well. Hugs…………..

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Progress report…………

Going well. Only paused to make some more masks. Onward………yesterday’s sketchbook idea is gradually becoming reality………………………. IMG_1696IMG_1695IMG_1698IMG_1699This is being done free-hand (on my Juki 2010Q) with minimal registration markings……IMG_1697IMG_1700 Now, to further make these motifs “pop”, some background fill in process………………………. IMG_1706IMG_1705The larger photo, above, is a pretty accurate color representation….sort of a ‘shrimp’ color (not orange!).

Till next time………I pray you are well. Hugs…………..

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Stars…..a reoccurring theme……………..

Doesn’t everyone like stars? Whether they’re wonky, lone, Ohio, or any other imaginable variety. As my “left-overs” get fewer, the projects seem to be getting smaller (to accommodate these lesser amounts). This latest (I think table topper) is 36” square………………….IMG_1674An easy one, using HST (half square triangles), easily adapted to any fabric quantity. Sandwiched, using my fave Hobbs 80/20, and…………..but….just what to quilt?? Time to dig out the sketch book for some brainstorming possibilities………IMG_1696Yup. This will work. IMG_1695 Some SID (stitch in the ditch) ruler work to stabilize and beginning to look like a “quilt”…….IMG_1693

Thread:Connecting Threads Essential Pro poly, 70wt. Batting:Hobbs Heirloom, cotton/poly, 80/20.

Progress reports to follow………..

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