Bonus Feather!!! The Formal Feather..


Lisa’s “Bonus Feather” is the one that has “rocked my world”!!!! It is the style of Ivory Spring/Wendy Sheppard (who was my primary influence and was the subject of my post last Saturday–). I must say, again, since each of us have brains that are ‘wired’ differently, one of these techniques will be easier (or will ‘click’) for you than another. You will only discover the truth of this after times of………wait for it…..yup!….practice, practice, practice!!! I know this mantra may be getting old and a titch on your nerves possibly, but anything worthwhile is achieved through a pattern of repetition…..and I know you know that in your heart of hearts, dear Friends.
So let’s start our week flying high with this last feather tutorial!!!! Til tomorrow and the ———-yes!!!!——–Reveal!!!!

Originally posted on Lisa H Calle's Blog:

or hump and bump as it is also known as.

Enjoy!  let me know if you have any questions!!

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Final “Feather Follow-up Friday” on Saturday……….

Yup, the month has flown by, has it not? And we’ve had some wonderful feather-learning opportunities, yes?? I do hope you are continuing on your feather journey, cuz I certainly am!!!! Lisa demonstrated a flower/leafy feather that is possibly a more “do-able” feather….less formal and allowing for more individual personality input.

Today I’m featuring Wendy Sheppard/Ivory Spring who has been the single most influential inspiration for my quilting over the passed 5 years.049 I had the wonderful opportunity to meet up with her a couple of years ago when DH and I were on an East Coast trek.

Upon seeing her style, I just knew it would be a technique that would incorporate into my creative style seamlessly and it has! As I grew to know more about her as a person and blogger I found so many common interests we shared (sorry for the redundancy!). Sharing an intense interest in science, math,and music (classical piano) made it very clear why our approaches to the art of quilting would be so similar.

Her blog’s sidebar “Thread Talk” entries give numerous tutorials explaining how she achieves the beautiful graceful feather renderings. Please, see here, here, here, and here. That last link will become more obvious this coming Tuesday!!!!! Ah………that tease, again!!!!!

My feather versions are shown here: Leah's Christmas stocking 001


Table runners-b'day gifts 001f

Carnation quilt 004

024 I’m sure by now you get the idea. And, yes, I took my own advice and practiced, practiced, practiced….and still do for there’s always more that may be learned. Precisely what’s so exciting about this art!!!!

In today’s post, Wendy gives a hint of an upcoming special event …….coming this Tuesday, March 3rd. Yes, I have a small part to play so, please, stop by her blog and mine on that day for the reveal.

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Winter is the time for…………

Indoor pastimes…….like —- quilting! If that’s the case, there sure must be a ‘ton’ of quilting going on in the US this season!!! A winter like no other that most remember (especially those folks in the Eastern portion). Here, in this little rural corner, the stitching continues with another (client) finish. A lap quilt that calls to mind the rugged terrain of the Black Hills or the craggy bluffs of the Coulee Region!!!!! 049 The real interest lies in the fabric prints used. Earthy and organic are two words that come to my mind and the quilting motif I chose continues this feel…..a “Leafy Vine” that winds its way over the surface like ivy clinging to brick/stones. 050 009010006

Thread:                                                              Top: Rheingold by Madeira. Bobbin: Connecting Threads Essential Pro poly.

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February Feather Friday! The Flower Feather…


Continuing the “Feather Friday” theme with a very ‘organic’ leaf feather. So many possibilities with this one and just in time for the Spring flower season!!! Have a ‘go’ at it and you may surprise yourself!!!!

Originally posted on Lisa H Calle's Blog:

is a beautiful and easy to execute feather… now, this is the last Friday of February but I still have one more feather that I’d like to teach so stay tuned as I am going to post the last feather on Monday…

If you’ve enjoyed February Feather Fridays, consider taking my Feathers for the Timid next time you are at a show!

Enjoy the Flower Feather!

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A Tale of Two………wall quilts……………..

Yes, these two are finished (as far as I am involved). The tale began here as a refreshing respite from the view of the “white stuff” that is covering the countryside. And, yes, these are “Jack in the Pulpits”.  Now, this matched set looks like this………..004   With a close-up……………005    And the second of this set……………007  The close-up……………. 008

To finish, the reverse/back sides……………….010 013

This was a kit, complete with hand dyed fabrics, from Frieda Anderson…………………..011     As you can see from the pattern picture and the photos of my client’s pieces, the quilting is a very individual interpretation…..neither more ‘right’ than the other!! It felt good to do a bit of the micro-stippling that I was really into several years ago…..see here. And, yes, that tiny stippling was, again, done on my Juki TL2010Q. The feathers and outlining was done on Ms Sweetie (HQ Sweet 16).

Thread: top: Isacord and Invisifil. Bobbin: Connecting Threads Essential Pro Poly

Now, on to the larger quilt of the three-some for this client. Til next time, thanks so much for stopping by, I love to have you visit!!!!!

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In my little studio…………

This is what’s happening…………………………..001   A cute little (Spring-y) client project.  Details to follow…….

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Another time of inspiration………..

Was had at my monthly small (quilt) group gathering. Warning this is a very picture heavy post!!!!!!!011Yay, Ann! Finished (yes, quilted, too!!!)!

 013  Marilyn’s baby quilt (left)….cute flannel triangles with the “leftovers” becoming another quilt top. Originally planned for a pieced backing, it was just too cute!!!!

014 The quilt I just finished quilting for Marilyn’s GD (see here).

015 Sheri’s finish…oh so much prettier “in person”!

016 017 018019 020 021 022 023 024 025 026 

I have no idea how JoAnn gets all that done!!! The above 10 photos are all hers…….and she’s a full-time teacher!!!!!

027 028 029 030 Twyla is always the busy one and these tops will be used for all the young people in her church who are graduating this year. Her fabric finds are so awesome!!!!!

031 This is the beginnings of Joan’s graduation gift for a grandchild. Completely original and hand done (yup, hand quilting is still her “thing”!).

032 Anita’s bag is a Connecting Threads’ kit that will hold her cutting mat, and all the other equipment and rulers necessary for an upcoming trip!

033 034     A couple of jelly rolls put together by Lynda. She’s not sure how she will use them….I think there’s some “slicing & dicing” in her future!

035     Gwen has another graduation in the family and she’s ready. Pieced and hand quilted.  


038 039040 Carol’s quilts are getting better and better…..AND she’s quilting them herself!!!!!

That’s it for this month! Just missing 2 of the gals this time (Hi! Kathy and Ginny!!!!).

I think that’s about all of the motivation we need to see, right???? Now, let’s get to those machines!!!!!……………….

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A finish…………….

For the “Asian Lanterns” quilt. It was a big one, at 96”x 98”. See here for more photos. 041

Unfortunately, I had no spot large enough to get a full shot, so here are some more block views……………

042 043 044

045 046 047

Note: any photo may be enlarged by clicking on it.

Thread: top: Superior Metallic Variegated Gold/ bobbin: Connecting Threads Essential Pro Poly

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Knitting With Fabric Strips


In an earlier post ( I showed a rug made with t-shirt strips and here’s an idea using those pieces of “what was I thinking!” fabric that are adding volume to our stashes!!!! Enjoy!!!!!!!! And, please, hop on over to Debby’s place and check out her jottings. She always has the best fmq hints and techniques!!!!!!!

Originally posted on debby quilts:


So, there were enough questions about this, and not enough info on the world wide web, that I decided to write a little tutorial. I hope this is helpful, and clear enough.

I cut fabric strips 1 inch by the width of fabric (usually 40-42 inches.) I did find some recommendations to tear the strips, which they said would result in less fraying. While I agree with this in theory, I don’t like the way the torn strips get all distorted. I like the way the cut strips look. Also, I am a non-pre-washer of my quilting fabric, so none of my strips are cut from pre-washed fabric. I think that it might be more enjoyable to knit with pre-washed fabric. But again, I’m not going there.

I use size 15 needles. I went and bought myself a nice pair of bamboo circular needles, because I like that their ends…

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The wait is almost over!!!!!!! The reveal & a give-away……….

Yup, March 3rd is the date and the secret project I alluded to here will be revealed AND there’s a special give-away for all who leave a comment!!!! Is that not awesome???????

OK, now back to……..let’s see…..what was it????

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The studio is “whirring”…………………

I finished my client’s “Asian Lanterns” quilt (posted here) but it hasn’t been delivered yet so no photos allowed! Next up is a cute pink client’s quilt that will be a gift later in the Spring. I believe the pattern is “Turning Twenty”. The quilting motif is my fun “Loopy Flower” that allows for a great textured all-over pattern. A couple of ‘shots’ of the back…………..

 001 002

And a little peek at the top…………………… 003 Should be finished up very soon….But….the Daytona 500 is running tomorrow, so……………………………………

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My Saturday “Feather Friday”……….

Continues with a few more names and links of amazing quilters who have influenced my journey. First up is Jamie Wallen of Quilter’s Apothecary. Although his tutorials/expertise is on a frame mounted longarm, his “transferrable principles” have given me a solid foundation upon which to build my feather technique. For some reason, when he stated that a feather plume must meet the spine at a 60 degree angle, it was a “light bulb” moment for me when everything seemed to slip into place! Here are a couple of awesome YouTube videos that demonstrate his approach……, & These are fairly lengthy videos but well worth the time invested!

Another quilter I would mention is Judi Madsen, Green Fairy Quilts and author of the book Quilting Wide Open Spaces. Misc 003

Her quilting techniques are simple and straight forward. Misc 008

Here’s a link to a video of hers:—eSs.

And, lastly, is Patsy Thompson. Her video, here, is yet another ‘take’ on feather motifs.

By watching, sketching, practicing and reading each of these experts’ available information, I’ve pulled bits and pieces into my “memory bank” and continue to meld them into something that could only be “ME”!!!!! It takes time and I’m lovin’ the journey!!!!! Now, let’s head for the machines…………………………..

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February Feather Friday: The Ribbon Feather


Another snowy Friday here! And the perfect way to spend the day??? Why, stitching feathers of course!!!! “Ribbon Feathers” is the technique for this week. Sit back, grab a cuppa and, when the tutorial is done, then head for your machine and…………yup, practice, practice, practice! You’re getting better, aren’t you? (Don’t be too hard on yourself, we’ve ALL been there!!!!) Remember……..that journey of a 1,000 miles begins with that first step!!!!!!!! Til tomorrow when I share more of those who have influenced/are influencing me on my feather journey……………….

Originally posted on Lisa H Calle's Blog:

This is such a pretty feather and very forgiving… I hope you all are following along and practicing!  It is so important to practice!!

Quilt on, My Friends!


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Monday’s Meeting……

(Last Monday) was once again motivating and inspiring. One after another, project upon project was shared. Here is just a sampling!…………010 A crochet rug made from t-shirt strips!!! And this was her first attempt having just seen the project demoed!!!!!! That rug ought to wear like iron………its weight was a bit daunting!!!!! 012 014

015 016

017 018

019 020

021 022 023 

024 025 027

026 And for those who want to know, the above pattern is a Missouri Star Quilt Company “Disappearing Hour-glass” variation. AND the part of that quilt, plus the center photo above it, that thrills me most is that Carol quilted them herself on her DSM!!!!!! Not just a meander (she’s so proud of that fact!!!!)……..she has gotten a bit past that!!!! (Her words)  Here are a couple of Valentine mats she made/quilted, also………034 Yay, Carol!!! 

029 031 035

033 Even a pair of felted slippers!!!!!

028 I didn’t get photos of all………but there were 3 tables full of beautiful finishes the gals had shared……amazing!!!!!!

Remember…….to get a better/larger view of any photo, just ‘click’ on it!!!!!

Have an awesome weekend and I’ll meet you here next week! Bye for now and happy stitching………………………..


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For those who have asked,………..

The pattern for the “Spider Web” raffle quilt (I posted about here) may be found in a tutorial on the “Sew Mama Sew” blog. For the size paper triangles we worked with, a 12” paper square was cut diagonally 1 time which gave us 2 triangles to stitch on. The rest of the directions in the tutorial apply to our construction, also. spider web block

spider web tutorial

I hope you find this helpful and, if you try this pattern, please, share your experience……I/we would love to see it!

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“Asian Lanterns”…..progress…….

001 002004

And the obligatory “backing shot”………………003

Supper time. To be continued………………………..

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A follow-up to a “Win”…………

That I posted about way-ay-ay-ay back at the beginning of last month, and found here, about the “Stripology Ruler”. I had wanted to wait ‘til I had an opportunity to use it and use it I did in preparation for last Monday’s sew-in. The “strings” needed for the raffle quilt (all posted here) needed to be 1” to 1&3/4” in width and this ruler made it so easy!!! It works equally well with fat quarters (18”x 22” pieces) and WOF (width of fabric/44” wide) running yardage. 001 This piece is 1/4 yd by WOF. Fold it again, bringing the bottom fold up to meet the selvage edge.002 Lay the ruler over the fabric matching the lower fold with one of the ruler’s solid white lines (horizontally) and the irregular raw edge on the dotted line (vertically). This last is a 1/4” from the first slot and will be cut to straighten the leading edge. 003 


After cutting the first straight edge, determine the width of the needed strips. (This may be the 2&1/2” width used for most bindings). 005 The marked black squares across the bottom are at 2& 1/2” intervals so you would cut those marked slots across your fabric piece resulting in the correct width and without constantly figuring out which slot is the correct measurement.006

The star markings are 1& 1/2” apart so the raw/straightened edge of the fabric piece would be moved to that first slot (in this photo it would be the 19& 1/2” mark) and you would cut, using the next ‘star’ marked slot to the left and so on across your piece. The strips would be a consistent 1& 1/2” width. 004

The 20” width of this ruler (in both directions) makes for quick cutting of a 1/2 (running) yard of fabric for binding strips for a large quilt. Love it!!! The ruler’s non-slip bottom side makes for wonderful stability while cutting!

I can tell that this will be a “go to” piece of quilting “equipment” that will get much use!!!!!! Note:click on any of the above photos to enlarge.

Again, for more info on this, see this link to my post and this link to Lisa’s “Primitive Gatherings” place.

And now………I absolutely must go quilt!!!!!!!

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A week that begins………..

With a quilt group/guild sew-in and meeting following is definitely a great week!!! This group had decided it was time to do a raffle quilt and last month (as you remember, I was in the warmer climes of Texas!!!!) a pattern was chosen with a small number of gals “running” with the idea!!!! Our Monday sew-in was a time of putting together some of the makings for, what is going to be, a very stunning, appealing finish. It’s a ‘string’ quilt in the “Spider Web” setting. Black will be the star/background fabric and the ‘strings’ are Fall/Autumn colors.                A ‘kite’ shaped piece is afixed to a paper piece that’s triangular shaped, then a variety of fabric “strings”/narrow strips are stitched on to the paper either side of the black piece. The resulting piece is then trimmed and put together, in settings of 4, to form the block. A few photos for clarification………009 The paper triangles w/the black ‘kite’.                        007 Add some very willing workers and LOTS of ‘strings………. 004 005 

One that is trimming and coordinating the string-piecings and who made a small sample quilt………001 002 

And you end up with a stack of string pieces ready to be put into blocks………008. A very productive morning. I’m sure I’ll be posting on this project as it goes along. The raffle drawing will be next October/November but there’s lots to do between times!



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This morning was spent……….

Pin basting a client’s quilt. It’s one that I’ve had in my possession since late last Fall as she decides what the stitching approach should be.  037038  The pattern is “Oriental Lanterns” from Fons & Porter’s “Love of Quilting” magazine, March/April 2009. The Spring Grove (MN) guild this gal, and myself, belong to, did this as a “Friendship Block” upon her request. Each block was made with fabrics from our stash but with an Asian feel (her desire) and were signed & dated. It turned out a nicely sized queen-size quilt. She doesn’t want heavy quilting and has asked for an edge to edge (E2E) motif. It will suit this nicely. I see my fave variegated Superior Metallic in its future. I guess you can figure out where I’ll be for the next days.

Chilly frigid weather is what we have here….2F with a windchill that I don’t even want to talk about, so I won’t!!!!

Stay warm (or cool, if that’s what’s happenin’ in your neck of the woods!). Til next time…………………………..

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Paper piecing + Aurifil =

Texture!!!!!!! 004  Surprisingly, the colors are pretty accurate! This little story began here and continued here and, now, is a ‘finish’. A quick view of the back (with triangle corners for the little wood piece w/ saw-tooth picture hanger piece to be added later……see here.)……..008

Another ‘front’ view of the texture created, to complete this post……….. 003

Thread: (top) Aurifil Mako 50, (bobbin) Connecting Threads Essential Pro Poly                                            Machine: Bernina 440QE                                                 Batting: Hobbs wool over silk

Again, the pattern is Esther Frenzel’s and her blog is IPatchandQuilt.

Have a great day and week. I’m off to quilt guild meeting…………

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Continuing the “paper piecing” story………

I’ve now finished the piecing portion of this little wall quilt-to-be. The pattern is well written and gives several options for finishes that range from very small to….well, whatever your imagination could contrive. Esther,blog: “ipatchandquilt”, is one super creative gal, whose pattern expertise I would highly recommend (this spoken by a relative ‘novice’ with this technique!!!!!!)!! The “photo finish” (at least the top!)- 001 - Copy   Isn’t that just the cutest ever????? The other pieces & parts are pictured here……..

image                                            A ‘ton’ of creative possibilities, hmmmmmmm??? This pattern will be available soon at Craftsy’s Pattern Store.

Now, how should I quilt it????? Stay tuned………….

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Continuing “Feather Friday”………….

I am sharing several more machine quilters who have impacted me in my fmq journey.

Sharon Schamber. Along with her awesome method of “sandwiching” the 3 layers of a quilt (for those of us who do not use a longarm/frame set-up), her feather construction ‘rings a bell’ with me! (See link).

 Diane Gaudynski. Her books: Quilt Savvy: Gaudynski’s  Machine Quilting Guidebook and Guide to Machine Quilting have been my “go-to” books. Again, her approach to feathers and background fill seem to “click” with my brain wiring! Her influence may be seen in my recent “Coneflower” finish……….007  Her feathering techniques are combined with a  background fill that she is known for as is another gal, Karen McTavish, whose influence may, also, be seen in this, my finish of a year ago (complete post may be found here)…………..

CHALLENGE '14 008   As with most endeavors, there are many ingredients that must come together to make up the “whole” and, unless many different ideas/techniques are tried, one cannot know what works for them and what does not. Karen’s feather approach(es) are varied resulting in several different looks. Check out these tutorial links for more insights……here (for Karen) and here (for Sharon).

As I continue on my fmq path, I have noticed that even my feather interpretationTable runners-b'day gifts 001f has changed as I become an amalgam/mixture of all the different approaches I view/execute and develop my own feather personality!

I do hope that you find a useful ‘nugget’ that will further excite you in the quest for that elusive fmq style you will call your own. Remember, it takes time and it takes practice (that word, again!) but it’s so worth it!!!! So, relax and have fun with all of us who are “out here” with you!!!!

Til next time………….many hugs, blessings and thanks for coming to visit…………………………

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