Book Cover “Pattern”………..kinda……….

To refresh your memory….a photo IMG_7400 (For the complete info, see my previous post, here. . There’s a few variables….like the size of the book you will need to cover! Mine was a medium, hard cover book measuring: 5.75”x 8.75”x 1.5”(page thickness). The first measurement is this one……cover tutorial 1 With the book closed and adding about 1/2” to allow for the quilting and wrapping around the book.  Then measure the (2)height and (3)thickness, adding 1/2”to3/4” to allow for adding a binding that will extend beyond the book size. cover tutorial 2     Using these dimensions and the guidelines,below, for the additional desired flap closure, I drew up these plans……IMG_7424  Enlarge (by “clicking” on it) the ‘plans’ photo in order to see details of fold lines.   And, from there, adding a bit for “ease”,, make a paper pattern…….IMG_7420   The shape of the flap, and size, is totally up to you. It accommodated the strip of Velcro nicely and laid flat. The next step is to trace this shape on your fabric. You will need a top layer, backing and batting…….IMG_7425  The batting needs to be in the right 2/3s of the shape and NOT beyond the LEFT dotted line/into the FRONT pocket area. That extension will be folded to the inside of the book and doesn’t need additional bulk. IMG_7431   The above photo shows the batting ending about at that line. Really not super fussy. Baste the layers together as desired and quilt….again, stopping at that LEFT dotted line. I did stitch on that line to secure the batting (thru all 3 layers). Stitch a securing stitch around the perimeter line of the ‘jacket’ and cut just outside that line. The FRONT pocket edge may be bound or raw edges turned to the inside and topstitched at this point then folded to the inside on the fold line and pinned. The perfect spot for your label!!!! (Photo below……)IMG_7405   The back cover pocket is formed with 2 fabric pieces that I cut 4”x 9.5”. With right sides together, stitch the long/9.5” sides (only) together, leaving the short edges open. Turn, press and topstitch. Place at the appropriate line (see “plans” above for “back pocket) and stitch the outer 2 edges and edge towards the flap…….leave the edge towards the center open to receive the back cover. I, also, made a pencil/pen pocket and placed it so that it would be nesting in the book pages area. Be sure to place its opening at the top/right side up of the book!!!!. I used the usual binding width and application with a hand stitch finish. The Velcro strips were machine stitched on last (I was able to avoid stitching the front pocket closed…..but it depends on the front placement!!!!!!!) IMG_7410IMG_7408 This is only to provide you with some IMG_7403guidelines for your project. Be sure to “fit” the pattern to your application/book as you go and allow for “ease” or the book won’t stay closed if there’s too much “tension” when the covers are inserted into their pockets and the book is closed. If there are any questions (???), please, feel free to leave them in the comments and I will address them, in case others find themselves in the same situation. Have fun and I do hope this will fill a gifty need now or in the future.

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Your thoughts on ‘shopping’?????

And, while I’m waiting for your lovely comments, I will tell you that I very much dislike that activity….unless…..there’s some type of fabric involved! Grocery shopping used to be more fun than these days. I’m not sure if it’s strictly the “sticker-shock” prices I’m seeing lately or the fact that every time I go the store has rearranged some portion/department which slows down the whole procedure (their goal, perhaps????). Anyhow, back to the question. During Monday night’s dreamy sleepy time, it was laid on my heart that a certain person was in need of a “you’re not alone” gift and a certain book was indicated. Now, that book could not be gifted with some type of appropriate attire! No gift shopping needed!!!! Book…..’check’ (already “in house”)! Ahhhh…..the ‘attire’. Now, that’s where my stash comes in. After some really fun FMQ stitching, we have this……….IMG_7400  I made a newspaper pattern (took me back to grade school days when, at the beginning of each year, we were required to make such covers for all our text books!), proceeded to pull the fabric and thread and head over to Ms Sweetie for the FMQ fun. More of the finish………………IMG_7406   Taking a measuring tape and, with the book closed, measuring around from back cover edge to front, (adding a titch for quilty bulk) gave me the length but, then, the type of closure…..what???? The easiest is a flap, although some do a zipper and completely enclose the book. Uh-uh…….way too much…..the flap will work perfectly and give me a place to put the pen pocked! IMG_7408 IMG_7403   Some quilty close-ups……..IMG_7409 IMG_7411 IMG_7412    A Velcro closure and…………..IMG_7402     Done!

Thread:(top) Glide, (bobbin) Connecting Threads Essential Pro poly, 70wt. Batting: Hobbs Heirloom 80/20, black. This little project was stitched on Ms Sweetie (Handi Quilter Sweet 16)

Today is an “out-of-the-house” day…rainy and a chilly 40F. Definitely appears to be and end of October/beginning of November type day!!!! What’s goin’ on in your little corner of the globe?? Inquiring minds would luv to ‘hear’………….

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Never a trick….

And always a treat to visit Ann’s home for my local/smaller quilt group. She can always be depended on to transform her place to whatever theme/season is current. Last eve was no exception. For those who have found themselves on another planet for the last many years, may I give you a hint to the night’s them…….Harry Potter………………IMG_7378IMG_7373IMG_7370IMG_7369IMG_7371IMG_7383IMG_7372IMG_7375IMG_7380    Ann is a retired chemistry/science teacher so some of these elements (sorry) are in their regular spots. IMG_7381IMG_7385IMG_7384

                 Fun chatter is everywhere….






Twyla was getting ready for the upcoming holiday fairs………IMG_7387IMG_7386IMG_7388IMG_7389IMG_7392IMG_7393Carol shared her 3-D trees. She hopes to get some battery powered lights to add some brightness. IMG_7394IMG_7395  I think the close-up is a bit better! “Holding still” is not an easy task!!!! IMG_7396   Gwen enjoyed working with batiks in this piecing. And Ginny did a table topper and pillow cases…..(gifts????)IMG_7398 IMG_7399

And that’s a “wrap”!!! The month of October is fast coming to a close…!!! Busier days ahead!!!!! Til next time….I send you hugs always and thank you for taking your precious moments to leave all your encouraging comments!…………

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A sunny Saturday afternoon………

(Yesterday) was spent at a Handi Quilter workshop at the Quilt Corner in Sparta,WI. Led by HQ rep Mary Beth, the class, although primarily ‘aimed’ at long arm stitchers, had helpful tips for Sweet 16 users, also. I went with the focus on the new(er) couching foot that HQ has come out with. IMG_7353   The piece hanging behind Mary Beth is from the earlier presentation. She is holding an example of her couching “play” using a worsted weight yarn.IMG_7354     The process is a simple one and has so many possibilities (my mind is going a million miles an hour!!!). She, then, showed a little purse with the same technique…………….IMG_7356 IMG_7358   Another really fun piece using more of the novelty yarns. The accessory pack is 3 ‘feet’ with varying sized holes that accommodate the possible yarn diameters/bulk.IMG_7359 Whether doing a solid yarn fill (as in the first photos) or a design overlay…….Couching with variegated yarn   using a variegated yarn, or…………….. IMG_7364   feeding chenille strips as you quilt, your imagination is the only limitation! While teaching in Australia, Mary Beth acquired a piece begun by Aussie HQ rep, and internationally known quilter, Helen Godden, that was just the center design. Mary Beth continued and finished the background and this is the final result……IMG_7363    Pieces done by So. African gals were shown….IMG_7362Creative Couching Foot Set for Baby Lock Tiara  & Crown Jewel   BLQ-CCF   There are many DSM machines who have available similar feet (maybe utilizing the zig-zag stitch on their machine) so, just maybe, you are missing out on some fab embellishing that’s right under your nose……hmmmm???? You will be seeing more on this one in the coming days/weeks I’m sure!!!!!!

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Never just one…………….

Project at a time in progress keeps one’s “creative juices” flowing nicely (in my world, at least!!!). In the midst of the current 50s vintage cloth, I have 2 fascinating clients’ quilts needing some attention. Done by gals in my Texas group, these will become part of a group display next winter. Because I quilt on a sit-down Sweet 16 machine, basting the quilt may be a challenge if the top is large. One of these falls into that category as it’s a generous 88” by 104” (approximately). The sandwiching process is done using 8’ long boards that allow me to layer the backing, batting and top accurately keeping everything “on grain”. This process may be viewed here and is shown as a hand basting method by Sharon Schamber. I choose to use quilters’/bent safety pins, however. IMG_7339       I begin by placing my (very) old cardboard gridded garment sewing cutting ‘board’ on my table (this gives me some guidelines and protects the table surface from pin scratches). I begin with the top (right side up) and lining up a border seam line with the boardIMG_7341. Securing with painter’s tape, I begin to roll it onto the board.IMG_7342 Keeping the piece’s seams lined up as I roll is key to keeping it ‘on grain’ when completed.IMG_7343    The narrow side border only appears to be off-set as we are viewing the wrong side/seam allowances lined up with the right side. IMG_7344     As it is rolled, it is fairly easy to see that the straight edge of the board remains straight with each of the rows as a double check.  IMG_7345     Almost done…………….Next the backing. This may be a bit more challenging to line up, as I actually have to do a close visual as to the thread directions (warp & weft), but it’s all good!!!!! IMG_7346       The backing is placed right side down so it will unroll correctly!IMG_7347   Done!!! 2 quilts pin-basted and ready to join up with Ms Sweetie & me for some quilty fun!!! The weekend is here and a workshop at a (not so) nearby quilt shop is on my schedule today. Report to follow………… Til next we meet………there’s stitching to be done, hmmmm??

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A little kitchen vintage….moving right along……..

On this lovely 50s tablecloth from this demo/blog post and having sew much relaxing fun with the fmq. There’s no marking/stencils, just do whatever I feel like playing with….pebbles, outlining, “feather galaxy”, paisleys, “banana bunches”/”headbands”, etc. IMG_7348IMG_7349IMG_7351IMG_7350     This piece is being done on Ms Juki (Juki 2010Q), DSM (domestic sewing machine) with a #10 Superior “Topstitch” needle, Connecting Threads Essential Pro poly, 70wt, thread in both the top and bobbin. Hobbs Heirloom 80/20,cotton/poly batting. Not sure how much more will be done on this one…….there are a couple of clients’ beauties waiting “in the wings” demanding some attention! Stay tuned………………………..

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A quilters’ gathering…………

Back to a more “normal” schedule (at least for 3 months!). Our Spring Grove(MN) group has been a busy one………. first, some military finishes…IMG_7317IMG_7321IMG_7320IMG_7328IMG_7329IMG_7336    Member, Doris (right,below), makes paper and shared  Christmas themed cards she had designed & embellished………IMG_7315 IMG_7325   Janice (above) can no longer say she never wins anything!!!! And this sweet jacket is a perfect fit!!!!! IMG_7316 Amazing inlaid wood piecing!!!!!! IMG_7333 IMG_7335  IMG_7318 IMG_7312 IMG_7314 IMG_7327
















Faye had been given this rug as an unfinished piece 2 years ago. It is now a gorgeous piece of art!!!!!!

Carol (below) made these toppers from several charm packs………….IMG_7332

That finishes up yesterday’s meeting. Now….on to a basting/sandwiching project. Til next we meet………….

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“The Clearing”, part 2

To continue ‘part 1’, the following photos are the lovely structures found on the side of the acreage along the bay that’s used for the week long folk school experiences. IMG_7268IMG_7269IMG_7271IMG_7272IMG_7275IMG_7277IMG_7278IMG_7280IMG_7282IMG_7279 IMG_7283IMG_7285IMG_7289IMG_7293IMG_7295IMG_7299          Two of the wonderful staff: Melinda and Tammy.IMG_7266   And one final view of the visitor center…….Jens Jensen Visitor Center @ The Clearing 

And so…..we sadly bid farewell (til next time)…………………For more info on this school and its offerings, see their site here.

My little flag project, today, awaiting its final resting place……………IMG_7338

Time to get back to quilting……………..

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A dreamer visionary………………

A combination that has given us a gift that I had opportunity to experience this past week. Meet Danish-born Jens Jensen….IMG_7300 a Chicago landscape architect whose personal quest for an environment that would encourage contemplation and a “clearing” of the mind from the “dailies” we all are bombarded with, that began with the purchase of a summer home on the outskirts of Ellison Bay, Door County, WI, and grew to become what it known today as “The Clearing Folk SchoolIMG_7274 With class offerings that pique the interests of most in a setting that is mostly familiar in a Kincaid painting but is a reality to all who exit life’s busy highway for some moments of inspiration.

   So grab a cuppa and come along on a joyous, albeit brief, pictorial tour of my experience last Thursday and Friday.

   The class was an “Intro to Primitive Rug Hooking”, taught by my friend Kathy Morton. The attraction for me…..Spend some time with my friend in a setting (Door County) that I’ve visited before but was a new one for her and an opportunity to (begin to) learn a new art form. Our home away from home for those brief days……….IMG_7251 a cozy, quilt covered(!) garret overlooking a very small portion of the breathtaking 141 acres…….some exterior views………..IMG_7307 ours was the upper right balcony/room. Because this was only a 2-day workshop, class was held in this building which, also, houses the gift shop and offices. IMG_7305IMG_7308IMG_7306

Known as “The Jens Jensen Visitor Center”, it provided more than ample workshop space for Kathy and her 2 students. Yes, I said 2 …… this particular time is especially busy in Door County and the overnight lodging availability was a challenge! IMG_7257      Looking down on our space……say hello to Kathy and Tammy (one of the sweet staff who was always on the move, providing all that was needed to make our stay wonderful!). This “protected time” allowed us to totally focus on the learning set before us………IMG_7259      Lunch was brought in from a nearby Gills Rock restaurant……..IMG_7260  and the evening meals were on our own (Kathy and I sought out “Al Johnsons” in nearby Sister Bay for one of our evenings). Kathy brought many of her rugs for inspiration……..IMG_7255 But, before I go any further, let me introduce my class……….. from left to right…..Beth, Kathy and myself……..IMG_7265 with Kathy holding her finished version of what Beth and I proceeded to work our way along! My project status, as of this morning………IMG_7311   At this point I am able to safely state….ummmmmm…….I am ‘hooked’ on the process!!!!!! It provides the perfect contrast for me. Handwork, involving fine thread w/ needle, is not something that I desire after spending my day at the machine, quilting, but……working with 1/4” strips of wool on linen is perfect.

To be continued tomorrow with more photos of “The Clearing” grounds/facilities.

Off to Spring Grove quilt guild………….

Note:each photo may be enlarged by “clicking” on it!

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Yup…..something a tad new…. 

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Quilt shop sighting……………..

No real surprise, hmmmm? On the last leg of our recent trek, we passed through Menasha, WI, with the intention of visiting just one more quilt shop…….”Primitive Gatherings”. I have been a follower of Lisa’s blog for quite a while and had recently decided to join in on her Christmas SAL (Sew ALong)…..and it’s not too late for you all to come along!!!! (See my first post here) The patterns are on her blog and are free until December! There’s 2 versions: Country & City. AND she is doing it in red & white!!!!! LUV!!! Actually, one can do the patterns in any fabric combo (using one’s stash?????!!!!!) but I chose the “City” version and thought I could just order the ‘kit’/fabric from her. IMG_7191 The red/white (upper left) is Moda Bella solids. Lovely. I believe I’ll redraft the blocks to a 12” size, though, so there’s ample room for the quilting…..don’tcha think??

Anyhow, back to the original thread in this post. The shop is not large!! IMG_7158IMG_7156 But, once inside……..inspiration hits!!! Lisa’s patterns, hand dyed wools and fabrics are totally gorgeous!!!!!IMG_7148IMG_7149IMG_7151IMG_7153IMG_7154 IMG_7155 I must say, there’s not one square inch that is wasted space….amazing! Of course I had a brilliant(?) idea….how ‘bout if I swap out the white, in that Christmas SAL, for something else??? The hunt began………and the results are…….IMG_7192 With the 12” size change and keeping the red as the focus & paisley as the background I’m totally loving this one. I just need one more piece to give it some “spark” and, I think, it will be the “gold” that’s in the paisley. Another Bella solid is the goal. Stay tuned…………………………………

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Stitching, stitching, stitching………………

,Returning from the East Coast just in time to prep for some demo time in Spring Grove (MN) for an event called “Festival of Quilts”. Seven years ago this event was a combo quilt show and sale. Now, it’s evolved into a show that is a sale…..meaning all the displayed quilts have a price attached and are for sale. IMG_7224 IMG_7222IMG_7223  This year was another successful one. There is always a trunk show/special speaker and this year was Jo and Kelli Kramer of Jo’s Country Junction.IMG_7237  It’s always fun to see and hear how such business endeavors get going! IMG_7236IMG_7238IMG_7240IMG_7239 

(‘Click’ on any photo to enlarge)

But…..let me get to my little corner of this event! IMG_7200        

All set and ready to talk……er…….visit……er……..stitch!!!!!!!!




The piece I’m stitching on is a vintage (‘50s?) tablecloth I obtained while traveling in Tennessee a couple weeks ago……Kingsport, to be precise! The shop is “Haggle Shop Antiques”.If you are ever in their neighborhood, I would highly recommend a stop!!!!  DH & I stopped by this FAB antique shop and, well, this one was calling to me!!!!!! IMG_7184



















IMG_7179           A beauty (IMHO!). After a bit of laundering, “sandwiching” and thread choosing…………IMG_7197 I was ready to add……..texture! My trusty (Ms.)Juki 2010Q accompanied me to the event and she performed beautifully!!!!!!! IMG_7244IMG_7242IMG_7243IMG_7246IMG_7247  For a bit of added info…..I began stitching (with the white thread)/outlining along the inside perimeter of the blue “ribbon” square & around the interior tulips. I was, then, free to remove the basting pins in the center white portion and quilt without interruption.

After I finished the interior, I moved to outlining the outside of the blue, including the rest of the flowers and cherries(?). The hand-guided FMQ (free motion quilting) continued into the next white section. I will continue to fill the white areas with the same FMQ motifs (no planning……just ‘wing it’!) and outline stitching the flower bouquets. I showed you some blue and pink threads that I may use to do some “thread painting” stitching on the flowers but have decided to not stitch anything on the blue areas to give your eyes a place to “rest”.

Definitely……to be continued…………

Thread: top (white & blue)…Connecting Threads Essential Pro poly, 70 wt and (pink) Sulky rayon. Bobbin..Connecting Threads Essential Pro poly, 70 wt. Batting:Hobbs Heirloom, cotton/poly,80/20

IMG_7228         One last photo of me in my “happy place”! Til next time……..stitching awaits!!!!!!

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A bit of catch-up………….

Hello!!!! So glad you’re still around!! To continue a bit of itinerary……we took a tour at Thomas Jefferson’s home in Virginia…”Monticello”. So interesting and brings history to a reality! IMG_6914IMG_6915 IMG_6924IMG_6920

Next, we headed to (Lexington, VA) The Stitchin’ Post and friend Erin.IMG_6932    You can read about how we met here. Her shop has so many facets…..something that would satisfy so many creative bents!!!! The entry……..IMG_6930 IMG_6931     Don’tcha just luv a “yarn bombing”????? Continuing to the sweet quilt shop on the edge of town and “The Quiltery”. IMG_6933IMG_6935IMG_6935And, yes, I did buy a few things……but those photos will have to wait til we return home and I get a bit organized.

Next, we headed to York, Maine, for a quick visit/afternoon with a gal who attended school with DH years ago. She and hubbs had a lobster bake planned for our time with them, so off we went to Foster’s…….. IMG_6950   Starting off with the best chowda ever!!!!! (above) and continuing to the clams, lobster…and much more!!!!! IMG_6952IMG_6953IMG_6954 You definitely need a bucket for this kind of yummy-ness!!!! IMG_6960 And, to finish, a warm Maine blueberry streusel cake!





IMG_6946 and friends……..IMG_6948

Continuing our fun-packed day, we headed over to the USS Albacore Park and Museum to tour the submarine. (I was working very hard on putting to rest my tendency toward claustrophobia!!!) IMG_6961 IMG_6964 IMG_6966

Quite the experience and I don’t think there could have been any more packed into the day! We definitely slept well that night!!!!

To be continued………………

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More to follow………

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Yes!!!!! It’s really me!!!………….

Just a quick recap……This morning, we left the Outer Banks (OBX)…..sob……and headed up the coast into Virginia and the Chesapeake Bay. Going from Newport News to So. Hampton Roads we traveled on I664 through the Monitor-Merrimac Memorial Bridge-Tunnel. Never done that??? How ‘bout grabbing a cuppa and check out a video (not mine) that will give you a good idea of the crossing. Our goal was an early afternoon meet-up with dear bloggy friend, Wendy (Ivory Spring blog), and a few moments of catching up on news……….IMG_6906      With busy schedules, our time was limited and DH and I hit the road with Culpeper, VA, as our overnight destination.

The motel check-in was fast and we headed out to find the “Minuteman Mini Mall” antique shop. So much fun and so little time. As usual, I was on a hunt for linens to quilt. I managed to ‘score’ this piece………….IMG_6912       It’s 26” in diameter and, again, the ideas are swirling……..but my machines are so far away!!!!!!! More time to dream and plan………

Suppertime came and we headed to the historic downtown area…..IMG_6907IMG_6909 IMG_6910

Seafood was the goal and catfish (DH) and shrimp (me) was found at the Davis Street Pier restaurant…….IMG_6908     Following that great meal, a short jaunt was in order and the downtown area provided the diversion…….including a cute little——-yup!—-quilt shop!IMG_6911 “That Little Quilt Shop”(their Fb is here) was the name and, although my purchase was minimal, the time spent was fruitful. Along with a license plate………IMG_6913 I gathered some info on an embroidery module for my Bernina 440QE. Time will tell where that’s going……….

  To be continued……………………….

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Sad lack of photos and ‘puter time!……….

And I really had the best of intentions of keeping y’all up on what’s been going on our direction. We left home on Labor Day morning and headed for Farmer City,IL, and a quick visit with DH’s (on the right, below) Navy buddy………IMG_6894     Then, off for a visit with bloggy friend, Beth Ann (you may find her delightful blog “It’s Just Life” here), and her hubbs in Brevard,NC…….While there, we went in search of a few of the local water fall sites……….IMG_6898     We headed to Aiken,SC, to visit some more friends and DH found time for his fave activity……relaxing and reading. (Isn’t this veranda lovely???)  I’ve been posting quick photos on      my Facebook page, so……if you are on Fb, hop on over and keep up with my happenings. The posts are “Public”. For those of you who are here because of Fb……well, you know/have seen some of the going’s on! IMG_6903 We did have a few moments on the beach at Hilton Head only to find this familiar sight! We had this on the beach on South Padre (Spring of ‘15) and were told that, if the sand wasn’t dredged from the mainland side of the island, the winds (blowing in from the Gulf/ocean) would fill in the water-way and the island would become part of the mainland! Interesting. The sand piles (photo above,, lower left corner) allow you to access the water by climbing over the pipe……..IMG_6902     Hopefully, I will do better at “journaling” our progress up the coast!! Having way too much “doin’ nothin’ fun”!!!LOL!!! Headed to Virginia tomorrow….leaving the Outer Banks (OBX) behind. Til next time…………….

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Out-the-door……and a tutorial………

That’s where this little beauty went……..IMG_6878  Now, a couple of last pieces of info to finish up. Thread……The blue sky background was my fave Glide, in the color of the wings……..IMG_6882  I wasn’t exactly sure how this would work, but it did! The client will be adding crystals to this whole quilt……most effective! The quilt motif is called (by myself and Karen at Karen’s Quilts, Crows and Cardinals) “Feather Galaxy”…..009     A step by step:

004005006 007 008     And for a video demo, see Karen’s wonderful visual (corrected link)                       Next……. the wings……IMG_6880     Sulky “Holoshimmer”….a glisteny, flat, ribbon-like metallic that picks up/reflects its surrounding colors. Lovely. I radically decreased the upper tension and bypassed 2 of the 3 “pretension” holes on my Sweet 16. My needle is a #16….I use this size pretty much all the time.                                               And, lastly,……..the angel’s dress…. Invisifil, 100 wt, in a pale lilac/violet………….IMG_6881 IMG_6884       One final peek at the backing of this one and it’s on to………..well, let’s see……….much to follow. Stay tuned………

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To answer a question………

“How does a quilter duplicate/stitch a ‘mirror image’ if a computer guided machine is not used or stencil is not available?” My latest “Angel” quilt (client’s) involved my wanting a balanced/duplicated feather design in the two wings so that the finish would be visually pleasing. Quilt in question……….and…….below……IMG_6589      I’m not one to do much marking (for a variety of reasons… I really want to get to the stitching!!!!!! Hehehehe……..) but sometimes a few registration markings are necessary. Enter these wonderful tools………..IMG_6892     There are so many shapes to choose from and I always find one that is perfect for the desired feather spine! I ordered them off Amazon here. The photo below shows how I used them in this project (I used an air erase marker to give me the registration markings I needed)……IMG_6891       Noting the relationship to the figure, I merely reversed them for the other wing.IMG_6878       This was the idea I sketched, before starting, (on the Wacom tablet)……..IMG_6768     These French curve shapes are a mainstay of garment stitchers and carpenters alike! So handy! So…head down those carpenter aisles and see if what is needed may be found in those “outside the box” places!!!!! I hope this has given you some ideas on new tools to help jumpstart your FMQ fun. Now…….let’s go stitch!!!!!

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One Word Wednesday……TEXTURE!!!!!………

I know I’ve said it so many times already but, quilts/quilted pieces just come alive with the final stitching “ingredient” ………..from this………IMG_6589         …… this………IMG_6878      I never cease to be amazed!!!!! LOL!!! IMG_6879

Threads: (top) {dress}Invisifil,100wt,poly & {wings} Sulky ‘Sliver-Holoshimmer’; (bobbin) Connecting Threads Essential Pro poly,70wt.                                                    See here for this piece’s beginnings. Moving on to the starry night sky…………

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Hooked on lace / Enganchado en encaje / Accroché sur la dentelle / Enganchado na renda


(A note from Treadlemusic/Doreen) For those of you who may wonder at this “Reblog”… bloggy friend, and his photo-graphical eye has captured a wondrous world of artistry in thread that (I see) easily will enter my/the world of the quilt stitching process. These “thread-flakes”, resembling “snowflakes”, are such a total wonder to view. Please, take a few moments to take it all in…………….

Sartenada's photo blog / Blog de foto de Sartenada

In English:

Hooked on lace – Part 1.

It was in summer 2016, when we visited to old vicarage, called Kulttuuripappila Sylvi (1804), in Pieksämäki. The distance between Helsinki and Pieksämäki is 306km / 190mi. Why we drove to Pieksämäki? Well, there was very interesting, maybe unique exhibition of laces.

Lady Silja Keränen inherited a big amount crocheting yarns from her mother in 2008. After thinking for a while what to do with them, she decided to crochet. Wise decision! Models Silja searched from Internet and she crocheted the majority of them from photos. Until now, she has crocheted more than 450 crochets and in the exhibition, there were about 400 crochets. Think about it.

Enjoy these lace doilies!

En español:

Enganchado en encaje – Parte 1.

Fue en el verano de 2016, cuando visitábamos a la antigua vicaría, llamado Kulttuuri Pappila Sylvi (de 1804), en Pieksämäki. La distancia entre…

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The gift is gifted…….the complete picture……

Last week I gave you little “peeks” at a gift that would find its way to a new home. That happened last Saturday and, now, a better picture………………Front. IMG_6860     Back IMG_6864    And a better close-up………….IMG_6862   The groom & bride’s initials (left & right, respectively) and, center, last name initial. I haven’t done much with quilted monograming and need to do more, for added proficiency.

Several threads were used on the top (see “tags” below), the bobbin was Connecting Threads Essential Pro poly (on both the Juki and Sweet 16). Hobbs Tuscany Silk batting (double layer) added a very nice loft. Dupioni silk, layered with the vintage piece, really gives the additional ‘shine’ factor I desired with this piece.

OK, back to an “in-process” project…… 

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“Angelic” progress……….

Was made on this client’s quilt. It’s approx. 48” in diameter and has many bias edges in those stitchings!!!! IMG_6589

The beginnings of this may be found here.




The wings are the current areas being “feathered”…………..IMG_6866IMG_6867IMG_6868IMG_6869IMG_6870    The pinkish wing fabric has a sort of pearlized metallic touch to it so I went with a Sulky “Sliver” ‘thread’. A bit touchy to stitch with……it’s not a round profile strand but, rather, a flat ribbon-like configuration that reflects light much better. This one will pick out the pink and glisten!!! Lovely!!!!!! IMG_6871     The larger feather’s spine is now filled in with ‘pearls’/circles/pebbles(large) to balance the large plume motifs. IMG_6872IMG_6873 IMG_6874

Thread: (top)Sulky ‘Sliver’; (bobbin)Connecting Threads Essential Pro poly 70wt.

Now, off to do more “winging” it………………….

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