The deed is done; the gift is given……………….

The “Super Hero” quilt, began here, has reached its destination and I will let the pictures tell the tale….





I think it struck just the right chord, don’t you????

Thread: (top & bobbin) Glide—-awesome!

Batting: Hobbs Heirloom, 80/20 (cotton/poly)

“Super Hero” panel and pattern idea: Robert Kaufman


Sweet coziness and dreams to you, Jaxson………   The end.

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Between what I should be doing and what I want to do. Hmmmmmmm……..Photos of the “want”…………..001

A “texture” pic………………..002




Now, a little lunch and off to do some garage sorting……ugh!!!!!!

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A Little Start………..

First posted here, today started with this…………001


And, with a tad more thread play…………..007

That’s it for now as “life chores” are demanding attention!!!

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Wordless Wednesday….P.S. ……….

“Super Hero 2” after “squaring”……………..001

Always smoother edges! (Unless the breeze blows!) LOL!

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Wordless(?) Wednesday…..(It’s a) Wrap!

“Super Hero 2”, begun yesterday, looks like this today………







The same thread combo was used on this quilt as on the Super Hero 1. Batting: thin layer of 100% poly.

This quilt will be destined for the Ronald McDonald House, Rochester,MN.


And that is a “wrap” for this week. Laundry, etc, awaits for today, then a long weekend at the river. Monday eve (Memorial Day) is my smaller local quilt group meeting. Early the next morning we head to Belle Fourche,SD, for the week with lots of hiking, visiting and, if the weather holds, a bike ride or two (yes, we may be trailering one of the cycles out this time!).

Next post from the beautiful Northern Black Hills of South Dakota (and just maybe a quilt shop……or two!!!). “See” you next week……..have a lovely rest of the week and weekend and thank you, once again, for all your recent visits and comments. I treasure each and every one of you!

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That is to say, “Super Hero 2” Tuesday! Yup! The suggestion was made by Audrey (of Minnesota Prairie Roots blog), in reference to my “Super Hero 1” quilt (links here), that this panel would make a good quilt for a cancer child. Duh!!! How right is that!!!! So, another panel purchase was needed and additional hero fabric for a complement. I found some “Superman” fabric, along with some great “Hot Wheels” fabric at a small Mabel (MN) quilt shop called “Krazy Kwiltz”……..


The yellow (above) will be the binding. The top is together……………….


And the “Super Man” fabric, coupled with some red Kona, is working well!


Once again, the stitching motif will be a “Swirls” variation appropriate for all heroes!!!!   051 

Thread (top and bobbin) is Glide, 40 wt but this time I’m using a lightweight all-poly batting as this quilt is destined for a Ronald McDonald House in Rochester, MN.

Spring is definitely here and the planting season is almost completed. Soybeans will be the planting of choice in our front fields (we rent out our tillable acreage). One of the front fields is a mere 2 (maybe) acres, yet it was planted using these pieces of equipment!!!!!!



This was a bit humorous to watch as the operator had to back up in order to make the turn!!!!! I think it may have taken 1+ passes to finish the job!!!! Definitely “overkill” but so perfect for some of the huge fields they rent elsewhere!!! So much for “country humor”.

Back to the machine and a finish very soon……………………..


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The “Mantra” heard in so many places of late………

Is the “Triple ‘P’”……….”Practice, Practice, Practice”!!! Nothing (not even something super enjoyable!) comes without a price of some sort. It is a fact. Absorb that truth………..then act!!!!!  Now, just like exercise, a practice session has its rewards but not usually up front or right away. What to do? In the “Beginning FMQ Workshops” that I teach, one of the first/important skills to be mastered is using your sewing/quilting machine enough that it becomes an extension of ‘you’. Your ears pick up the sounds that it makes and they correspond to the pressure your foot is exerting on the power pedal. These skills only come by practice and I’m here to suggest a fun method of doing just that. So simple. Here’s a link to Jenny Bowker’s article in “Machine Quilting Unlimited” magazine’s “web extras” that is a free PDf download further explaining the concept. The following photo is a practice piece I did when I first got my Juki TL2010Q (4+ years ago) and was trying to “become one” with it!!!!! 039  I randomly cut a fabric scrap from a large floral piece and, using a spray bond, adhered it to a piece of muslin, which I “sandwiched”. The huge advantage to this is that I had a starting point!!! Inspiration!!! Something to expand on and, at the same time, practice getting used to the machine! “Thread painting”, echo quilting/stitching….whatever you want to call it, I took my cues from the fabric design and jumped in……….and had fun learning. In my workshops, at the end of the class, I send each participant home with a random scrap on a muslin to have fun with. Hopefully this will be the springboard to many fulfilling hours of creating with their machines. Many times, when faced with that daunting quilt sandwich that holds so many possibilities (sometimes way too many!), I pull back and just look at it. The fabrics/prints/designs, the piecing lines, etc, to see if there’s inspiration there just waiting to be released!!! I refer to this step as “listening to the quilt”!

So, if there’s that project on a shelf, or table, that’s begging for some attention, ‘go for it’! You can do it………all it takes is……..Practice, Practice, Practice!

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“Super Hero” returns (TBT?)………….

The story began wa-a-a-a-ay back here. The birth of a Super Hero began quietly enough in a peaceful rural setting on a ridge top outside a small Minnesota town. He progressed quickly, from inspiration………..005006007 

to sketch book…………….001

to thread and cloth………………………………009

He performed “super” well, even through his first ‘bath’…011(no bleeding whatsoever!)


A quick shot of the perfect backing…………………….016

The obligatory label (an ‘orphan block’ applied to the backing before sandwiching and quilted in)………………….017

And the “big picture”…………………………”Super Hero” all grown up………………………..019

Thread used, top and bobbin: Glide (most awesome) Trilobal Polyester, 40 wt.010 (the “Cool Grey” blended beautifully with the backing ‘chambray/denim look’ background!)

Batting: Hobbs Heirloom cotton/poly (80/20)

This little (40”x 50”) quilt will be gifted to a young man who is in love with his grandpa’s red tractor and spends hours on this country “convertible”!!!!

The weekend is ahead and a time at the river awaits, along with a quilt show set-up tomorrow morning in Spring Grove, MN. Hopefully, there will be a photo recap soon. Til then, blessings…………………

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3D Origami


Grab a cuppa and prepare to be amazed!!!!!!

Originally posted on Sartenada's photo blog / Blog de foto de Sartenada:

In English:

Origami comes from two words. ORI mean Folding and GAMI means Paper. What is 3D Origami? It means that You need identical folded paper pieces, to assemble them together which can tricky. One sheet of copy paper A4 gives 32 folded paper pieces. Using colorful papers to build 3D Origami gives countless number of possibilities to build items in which the imagination is the only limit.

My wife made five very basic 3D origamis. She emphasized to me that these are no “masterpieces”, but experiments. She made one paper swan, two paper flower vases, one paper plate and one jewellery box. After photos I give video links in which You can see how all these are made. Before these video links, I give links how 3D Origami are folded.

En español:

Origami viene de dos palabras. ORI significa plegable y GAMI significa papel. ¿Qué es 3D Origami? Esto…

View original 966 more words

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Morning Spring Garden on a Wordless Wednesday………..




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Taming the Lorax……a Finish………

And it’s a good one!!!!!!! (First started here)





014   A peek at the perfect flannel backing!

The “big picture”……………………………..012026   Lots of gorgeous texture!!!!!!

Thread: top-Glide 100% polyester in a gorgeous brilliant yellow!015

 Bobbin-Connecting Threads Essential Pro Poly

Batting-Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 (cotton/poly)

“Sawtooth Swirl” stitching motif.

I think it’s time for a “Super Hero”! Coming soon………..

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Taming the Lorax……………….

Is next up. Another client quilt that is bright and happy and in need of a special touch. Of course, my sketch book got some new doodles and I went from there. The progression……………………….001 (2)

Moving to the fabric…………………………001

When planning a stitching design, that’s an E2E (edge to edge) design, I look at the fabric to see if there are some elements that will work…either directly or with some modification. The swirl with a saw-tooth outer seemed to be the one that would work.002


And the wonderful backing fabric….a soft cozy flannel. Did I mention that the destination is a very special grandchild of my client and will be a snuggle quilt for the 2 of them!!! 004

Top thread: Glide.  Bobbin thread: Connecting Threads Essential Pro Poly.  Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 (cotton/poly).

We’re spending the weekend at the river again. A very blessed Mother’s Day to all!!!

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So many ideas; so little…..ummmm…….

Time, errrr………well, you get the idea! Sandwiched and at the ready. Swirls of ideas to rein in, after all, it’s such a little piece…………………..002

just barely 11”x 17” and as white as it’s going to get. Coming from a packed full bag of linens that were my maternal Grandma’s, it’s lazily resting on a beautiful piece of periwinkle dupioni silk. This makes piece #3 awaiting stitching glorification! Thread….yet to be chosen but layered with Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 (cotton/poly) and wool. The texture will be amazing! Stay tuned……………………

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“Faster than a speeding bullet…..” is Super Hero…….

The perfect little blanket quilt for a young man who has his whole life ahead of him with so much potential and who just loves a chance to ride on the tractor with his grandpa!!!! (To see the beginning of this little story, please hop back to this post.)001

And, once again, the perfect backing ………………………….002

The stitching will have to wait a day or so as tomorrow brings a time of lunching with friends. Stay tuned……………

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“I Love Lucy”, continued………………

A client’s quilt destined as a retirement gift (I believe). The motif could only be ‘hearts’ (see here). Stitching on a HQ Sweet Sixteen has some similarities to other, smaller,DSM machines and that is ending up with even stitching density when completed. Some designs are a tad easier to achieve the desired evenness than others. A more ‘open’ design is actually more difficult than a super dense one, in that with the more densely stitched motifs, I know that every inch of the quilt top will need to be covered but with the more ‘open’ quilting, the spaces between the stitching lines need to be closely the same to have a pleasant visual appeal and so that it will end up well after washing gives it the crinkly coziness we all love. 011

This is a photo of the completed quilt. The “Lucy” fabric was found on line and was VERY pricey!!!!!! So, in order not to waste a smidge, my client merely split the yardage on the lengthwise fold and filled in with a black tone-on-tone fabric and heart blocks. Here’s a better close-up that will give you a clearer view of the finish. It really is quite attractive and will thrill the recipient who has a “thing” for anything ‘I Love Lucy’.012013014016    And the backing……….015

Thread: Aurifil (top), Connecting Threads Essential Pro Poly (70 wt), bobbin.

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A quick quilt shop visit……….

Was what I decided to do last Saturday while I was at the camper and so close to LaCrosse (WI). The destination was a small but well appointed little place called River Road Quilt Shop, which is located in the same building as another long-time WI business. Nelson Flag and Display. Lots of samples and a very warm, friendly spot, I managed to pick up the latest BH&G “Sampler” magazine that had just ‘hit’ the stands and some fabric for a little man (about 3 yrs) who just needs a ‘super hero’ quilt. His relationship to me would be probably defined as “step-great-grandson” (definitely more common today than years ago!). The pattern is a free download from Robert Kaufman Fabrics here. I was able to get the main panel and the word/exclamations fabric (at least it will work once I do a bit of slice & dice) and I picked out some binding fabric that is perfect (I think!) but may change by the time I get that far!!! LOL! 017018019

That orange fabric (2nd photo, right side of panel) will boost the “bright factor” up another notch for sure!!!!!

So, that’s what is next up………that is, after a few more clients’ quilts!!!!!! Well, it IS something to look forward to putting together, hmmmmmm?????

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Weekend Recap……….

And it was GORGEOUS!!!! The weather we have all been holding our collective breath to experience!!! So, off to the river and the camper we went. We spent time with friends on their pontoon on the Mississippi—glorious! And just sitting…………………


Yup, DH is ‘caught’ again, with moi behind the camera!!!!

The client’s quilt I had been quilting (here) went “out the door”…005


This was one of those super relaxing quilts to stitch. The “Trailing Vines” motif is so very flexible and fills even the most awkward little spot. Now, it’s on to the next (client) quilt.

I’ve dubbed this the “I Love Lucy” quilt for very obvious reasons……….007008   The backing is super appropriate…009   Now, just what to stitch??? A sketch/doodle or two……010

Thread will be Aurifil (top) and Connecting Threads Essential Pro Poly (70 wt) for the bobbin. Stay tuned……….

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“Trailing Vines” it is…………




The story of this client’s quilt began at the end of Tuesday’s post, here.                                                                            

I’m using Invisafil (100 wt) thread on top with Connecting Threads Essential Pro Poly (70 wt) in the bobbin.

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Trippin’ on into Tuesday……….

And a nicely busy day it is. First, a snippet from last eve’s (local) quilt gathering……………….


The above 3 quilts are destined to be given to the graduates who attend a local rural church. It’s the custom for many of our area’s churches to gift each of the year’s high school graduates with a lap sized quilt……such a nice tradition! Anita (2 quilts on left) and Ginny (on right) both attend the same church and the 2 on the left will go to a set of twins. Nice.

005006007   Ginny is one of our “winter snowbirds” and recently returned from Arizona. She is a busy gal and it’s always fun to see what going on in that corner of the world.


JoAnn (our teacher) is, once again, busily piecing and completed a couple more tops that will be baby quilts.


Sheri put together this wonderful top in anticipation of another baby quilt needed. Hmmmmm… does seem that I might see a trend here, don’t you??





Twyla (above) had a request for a little Bluebird wall quilt so her customer will have a choice. Then she “whipped up” 6 vests, with painted on logo, for the local arts group and, finally, she finished a UFO (UnFinished Object)….a friendship quilt that we had done for her many years ago. It really feels good to finish those projects!!! AND she quilted it herself!!!!!!

Now, to shift gears…..majorly! Yes, that is the huge dumpster that is taking away the garage remains!!!015016 

The photo on the right will be how things remain for a while as the next step is concrete (tomorrow??) and that needs to “cure” for a couple of weeks.

After a quick, and early, trek to town for a haircut, I “sandwiched” a client’s queen sized quilt that is going to be gifted to her MIL.021 020







I think I will use the print on the purple triangle as inspiration for the quilting motif. It will be an all-over, E2E (edge to edge) quilting and that will work well without overwhelming all the beautiful florals in the piecing.

Click on any photo to enlarge.

I think that I’ve gone on for long enough and must get the bed sheets off the lines and in the house. Just about time for lunch! Have an awesome day……it’s already 65F and sunny here…….pure gorgeousness!!!!! Quilt guild in LaCrosse (WI) tonight. Til next time…….thanks so much for stopping by……………………

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And it continues…..outside and inside……

Note: To see the start of this story, see this post. Outside, we have a “hard hat” (de)construction zone………002 

with “lawn ornaments” that are a (big) guy’s delight!!!! And they keep coming ‘cuz, of course, if you’re messing with one thing, something else will require some attention. Ummm, like our LP tank, which had to be moved to the back of the house and a new, temporary, line run in until the larger tank is placed on new  concrete (which comes next!)……

009 012

Getting crowded out there!!!!! But the clean-up is continuing right smartly…………………….023

Ah yes, it’s truly amazing to watch  the hints of smiles on the “boys’” faces as big ‘toys’ do what big ‘toys’ do!!!!! Meanwhile, the prom dress was waiting and time is afleeting. The gal is, shall I say, a “twig”? Yes, the dress is a tad minute and my task is to make it more so. The hem is first (logically, I guess) because if the pins were to fall out of the overlayer, it would equal doom for the project! Attacking the lining, I folded it up at the appropriate marking (3” shorter than the top layer’s finished length), stitched closely next to the fold, cut the excess off, turned it up again and stitched. Photos……………


The top layer is a sheer, nylon tricot-type fabric. The same process is followed……………………………………………019020021 

And, yes, when I cut off the excess fabric after the first stitching, I use my scissors “upside down” so the more rounded blade will slip along neatly and closely to the stitching. A “duck billed” applique scissors will work, also. Taking in the top was a bit more challenging as it had a side seam zipper and the back of the bodice was hand applied beads and crystals. Each of the straps needed to be shortened from 3” (each) to 2” (each). A little hand work needed yet and another finish!!!! Yay!!!! 022

My local quilt group meets tonight, so I’m off to get things together for the sharing time. Til next time, and a couple of photos from my workshop on last Saturday……

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What was is no longer or How I spent my Sunday afternoon………

For the last several years, the topic of replacing our original garage has been discussed. Many factors placed this project “on the back burner”. Well, it’s now “on the front burner” (so to speak) and, behold, the ‘old’ has now begun to pass away…going from this…………. IMG_3012

(my view from the house)

To this (in just a matter of a VERY little space of time)………..

IMG_3088 IMG_3089

I won’t bore you with all the steps in between, but suffice it to say that it did provide some idle(?) entertainment for us!!!!!!!!   IMG_3085 (A quick photo ‘shot’ of great grandpa, great granddaughter and DIL relaxing in the beautiful afternoon sun!)

Now, on to begin my week with a prom dress alteration looming……….

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It’s Thursday Already!!!!!!………

So wonderful to look out my living room window at green grass and Spring-plowed fields. Although the temps seem to struggle to get above the lower 30s, warmer days are knocking at the door (this said trying to forget the snow showers of a couple days ago!!!!).

I did my first (and only?) prom fitting last eve….seems like I just completed last year’s dress for this gal!!!!018 The event is scheduled for May 2nd so, I think, this is a project for next Monday!

This Saturday is 2-sessions of a beginner FMQ workshop that I’m teaching at a Winona quilt shop. I’m amazed at the rise in interest in FMQ in the recent months. I do believe that many realize that a frame-mounted long-arm machine set up is not necessary to do the final quilting stitches and that it might even be an enjoyable process…once the skills are practiced a bit! Anyhow, my bags and materials are prepped and packed, with just some final thoughts needed to present all that I want to share in those 3 (very short) hours of each session.020        Both sessions are filled with a waiting list besides……future possibilities!

To change gears a bit…….  The National Quilters Circle is a new (to me) fab resource for all those who are passionate( or dare I say merely curious/interested?) in the art of quilting and its processes. Their blog, videos and tutorials are more “tools” for the quilters’ “tool box”. Be sure to check it out! You may read more about their mission here.  Getting back to the above ‘badge’, they are hosting an on-line competition to nominate your favorite blogs/bloggers in these 7 categories:

• Best Traditional Quilting Blog
• Best Modern Quilting Blog
• Best Quilting Patterns Blog
• Best Fiber Arts Blog
• Best Art Quilts Blog
• Most Humorous Blog
• Best Overall Quilting Blog

The voting runs through April 29th. It’s a great opportunity to acknowledge your favorite blog sites and make new friends! To nominate and vote, just follow the link here. “Bookmark” their blog to keep up with the next phase of the voting, which begins in early May and ends May 15th. I’m sure you can think of one (or two) blog faves that you may want to give recognition to?

Have a great rest of the week and weekend and I’ll see you back here next week with some interesting “happenings” that are scheduled (one, in particular, is NOT quilt related!!!!). Til then, I’m so glad you stopped by!!!! Hugs………………….

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